Health aptitude test for upper years - periodic

  • according to Article 5 of the Code of students’ health and professional aptitude examinations at the University of Pécs participating in the periodic health aptitude test is obligatory for every student in every year
  • you can book an appointment on the following link:
  • you can log in and register for the examination on this page with your Neptun code
  • you can find the list of required documents for the examination on the login page
  • Those students, who don't appear at the test or whose result is "not suitable" or "temporarily not suitable" shall not pursue medical activities; that means the student shall not take up bedside courses or any courses including direct contact to patients, including the summer practices.
  • IMPORTANT! Please do not miss your previously reserved appointment. Article 51 (12) of the Code of Charges and Benefits regulates the absence from an appointment for health aptitude examination as follows:

    In case the student does not show up at the appointment reserved in advance for an examination specified in Articles 4-8. of the Code of Students’ health and professional aptitude examinations of the University of Pécs, he/she is obliged to pay the fee for missing the appointment of health aptitude examination determined in Annex 1 of this Regulation. The student can be exempted from paying the fee if he/she excuses the absence indicating and certifying a substantial reason with a request showing the date of the given appointment submitted to and accepted by the Centre for Occupational Medicine within 8 days from the missed appointment. After the deadline for excusing the missed appointment by submitting a request is expired, the COMWH shall promptly notify the Central Registrar's Office (CRO) about the student’s absence. The CRO shall immediately transcribe the fee for missing the appointment of health aptitude examination in the ES (Neptun).