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4 february, 2021

Preliminary registration for COVID-19 vaccination closed

17 August, 2020

Entering Hungary - Rector letter to students

21 JULY, 2020

Outstanding scientific publications of the Center for Translational Medicine on COVID-19

17 JULY, 2020

The Clinical Center received state-of-the-art equipment

9 JUly, 2020

Researchers from Pécs and Austria have identified a potential active substance for the treatment of the coronavirus

4 JUNE, 2020

Joint Austrian-Hungarian vaccine development begins

2 june, 2020

National Virology Laboratory under Pécs leadership

15 APRIL, 2020

260 potential active substances are being tested at the UP Virological Laboratory

9 APRIL, 2020

"What I believe in is standing our ground without complaint and demand"

UP International Spring "Stay Home!" - online program series

8 APRIL, 2020

Medical protective equipment from China have also arrived in the Pécs clinics

1 april, 2020

The vaccine against the coronavirus may be developed within a year

23 MARCH, 2020

The Coronavirus Research Task Force in Pécs begins the testing of potentially antiviral active substances

Our international students are important to us, we support them all the way!

22 MARCH, 2020

Useful handbook from Chinese doctors

The Virological Research Group in Pécs was the first in Hungary to determine the complete genetic code of the coronavirus

18 MARCH, 2020

Coronavirus Care Center in the former County Hospital building

16 MARCH, 2020

Pharmaceutical research for the treatment of coronavirus patients

15 MARCH, 2020

Professor Ferenc Jakab has become the leader of the coronavirus research team

Moving of the Department of Ophthalmology due to the epidemiological situation

12 MARCH, 2020

The Knowledge Center is closed