Year, study group

  • year means all the students admitted in the same year to the same major
  • expressions like eg. „third year” or „second year” can be hardly used in the traditional way in the credit system, since a significant number of students does not follow their recommended curriculum, losing a year is frequently happening to failing one or more subjects. In this case it is possible that the student attends both first year and second year subjects.
  • every student is assigned to a study group during the matriculation. We organize the small-grouped practices for tudents belonging to the same study group so that they can attend them without collision of the classes. Attending another study group then the assigned one in the first semester is only possible with the permission of course director of the given
  • during course registration the students following the recommended curriculum (progressing in line with the „schedule”) have advantage and have their places in the small-grouped practices according to their study group, however, the student may choose another group based on their decision and depending on the free places
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