Sports and Physical Education Center

The two main goals of the UPMS Sports and Physical Education Center are to provide curricular physical education and sport service for the medical students and to organise sport events for the employees and their families.

Athletic Club of University of Pécs

The association of PEAC offers sports opportunities in various divisions: aerobics, table tennis, handball, basketball, football, volleyball, fencing, archery, kick-boxing, and leisure sports.

PTE PEAC Mighty Bulls

The official water polo department of the University of Pécs welcomes all young people who want to play sports, both in their women's and men's teams as well. The latter has good results in the OBII championship as well.

Medikus Sportkör & Medical Cup

Our most important competition is the Medical Cup during which our students compete with the sportspeople of other medical universities in women’s and men’s handball, basketball, volleyball, water polo and men’s small pitch soccer.

POTE Cheerleaders

The official cheerleader team of the Medical School of the University of Pécs and is also the official team for the Medical Cup.

POTE Beerpong

Beerpong is a social-bonding, dexterity game which - as the name suggests - involves some beer so an awesome vibe by the final match is guaranteed. The championship is composed of 3 tournaments and after the summary, the top 3 teams are treated with special prizes.

Contact person: Fodor Adél

POTE E-sport

Online athletes can also indulge their passion for games at our University. They can participate in tournaments of different games, such as FIFA, LOL or Apex.

PTE Dancing University

A unique initiative in Hungarian higher education, which has enjoyed unbroken popularity for more than 20 years now. An excellent meeting opportunity for students and employees of the various faculties in a light, cheerful atmosphere. Exercise and fun at the same time and the classes can also be completed for credits or as a physical education course.


This university running competition is held every year. Each university sends teams with 4 girls and 8 boys to the two-day sports event. They run from Kaposvár to Pécs, choosing a section according to everyone's level of preparation. Even though it's a competition, the atmosphere is extremely good.