Zsolnay Quarter

The Cultural Quarter which was declared as a Hungaricum in 2014 welcomes its visitors with a number of permanent and temporary exhibitions and program opportunities in addition to its area that can be visited for free during the day. Shopkeepers offering high-quality handicrafts have also moved into its area.

Tinnitus Choir

A mixed choir founded by Norwegian students at the Faculty in 2011. They make the Faculty's events more colorful with their performances, thereby adding to the cultural diversity of our University.


There are many institutions in Pécs where you can watch theater performances. The most famous and prestigious is the National Theater of Pécs. Bóbita Theater is perfect for families with children, but those who don't like crowds can also find their favorite in the Pécs Third Theater or the Janus University Theater.


We can be fans of the latest blockbuster action films, documentaries, art films or great classics, we are sure to find the right movie in one of the cinemas of Pécs. The largest institution is Cinema City in Kertváros. Near the university is the Uránia Cinema and in the heart of the city is the small but intimate Apolló Cinema.