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The most successful students in the Physiology subject received the Lissák Prize

23 September 2019

General Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy students who achieved excellent results in the Physiology subject in the 2018-2019 academic year received the Lissák Prize. Students of the second and third places were also awarded a certificate. After the ceremony on 20 September, there was an informal conversation with the teaching and research staff of the Institute of Physiology.

The awardees:

General Medicine (Hungarian):

  • Lissák Prize: Szapáry, Szonja Valéria
  • 2. Szabó, Kíra
  • 3. Dorogi, Kíra

Dentistry (Hungarian)

  • Lissák Prize: Plagányi, Fanny
  • 2. Bánáti, Bence Simon
  • 3. Kovács, Franciska

General Medicine (English):

  • Lissák Prize: Yang Haeyoung
  • 2. Ishida Koh
  • 3. Lee Yu Hyeon

Dentistry (English):

  • Lissák Prize: Kaydan Mahsa
  • 2. Hosseinifirouzabadi Seyedali
  • 3. Sahraeijahromi Arian

General Medicine (German)

  • Lissák Prize: Permar Rouven
  • 2.Schwend Marc
  • 3.Krause Malaika Katharina

Students of Pharmacy (Hungarian and English) and Dentistry (German) did not reach the level and were therefore not awarded.