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Preparatory courses in English for Medical and Pharmaceutical degree studies

General overview of Preparatory Programs

The International Studies Center of the University of Pécs Medical School offers complex and integrated preparatory programs for degree studies that meet the language development needs of international students and facilitate their integration into the context of higher education in Hungary. International programs at Hungarian universities minimally require B2 (upper-intermediate) language level and you have to be knowledgeable in your chosen field of studies for admission.

Our preparatory programs are made up of three stages, each comprising 400 lessons: 

1) The Milestone Stage

is designed for students who need additional support in meeting the minimum requirements in English. If your English proficiency is below low-intermediate (B1) level, you need to substantially develop your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. Communicative and cooperative language classes assist you to attain intermediate (B1) level. Preparatory students having reached and applicants being already at intermediate level can continue their studies in the Upgrade Stage.

2) The Upgrade Stage

focuses on language development in a manner that resembles more the academic context awaiting you. You have the opportunity to select your courses from a range of compulsory and elective modules modelled upon university seminars. 400 contact hours are spent with thematically focused language education assisting you to attain upper-intermediate (B2) level. Preparatory students having reached and applicants being already at upper-intermediate level can continue their studies in the Gateway Stage.

3) The Gateway Stage

is specifically designed for students with outstanding English skills (already reaching or exceeding B2 level). Preparatory course students will join this stage after attaining B2, upper-intermediate level in the Upgrade program. The 400 contact hours merge language instruction (Academic English and ESP) with field-specific subject teaching. Thus students improve their language skills while becoming knowledgeable in their future field of degree studies. 

Transparency of entry and output requirements

Your preparatory program starts with an online placement test (written and oral) thus we are able to find the best possible study stage for you to join, and the program ends with internationally recognized ECL language exam (upper-intermediate or advanced). 

  • Application fee: 100 EUR
  • Registration fee: 150 EUR
  • Coursebook fee: 150 EUR


Program length

Study Stages

Starting date


5 months / 400 lessons



4,200 EUR

10 months / 800 lessons 

Upgrade + Gateway


6,500 EUR

15 months / 1200 lessons

Milestone + Upgrade + Gateway


9,300 EUR


  • programs adapted to individual study pace (Milestone, Upgrade, Gateway)
  • smooth transition from language to academic development
  • programs designed in cooperation with faculties and institutes of the University of Pécs
  • well planned integration into Hungarian culture and academic life
  • excellent teaching staff
  • student-centered services assisting soft landing in a foreign environment


University of Pécs Medical School

International Studies Center

Ms. Rita Nagy

Program coordinator


H-7624 Pécs, Damjanich utca 30.

Tel:  +36 72/501-500 ext.: 23015;





Please note that it is not a prerequisite for the application to the OTM (one-tier master) programs of the Medical School and the Faculty of Pharmacy to complete a preparatory course. However, by completing a preparatory course you may be more prepared for the professional and the English language parts of the entrance examination. Preparatory courses may be completed in Pécs (offered by the International Studies Center), or in Budapest or also abroad, but please note that the decision on acceptance to one of our programs is solely based on your performance at the entrance examination.

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