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Biomedical Engineering MSc

Future biomedical engineers will be trained at the University of Pécs starting in September

Individually designed artificial limbs programmed to operate with artificial intelligence, 3D imaging and design for medical purposes, and living tissue printing: all of these technological advances are bringing the future to life. Starting in September 2021, the Faculty of Engineering and Informatics, the Faculty of General Medicine and the Biomedical Engineering MSc Programme at University of Pécs will begin collaborating to offer this pioneering Biomedical Engineering field of study to students across the globe.

Engineering and medicine have become the main engines of growth in societies today. That is why the University of Pécs has decided to launch a cross-disciplinary, project-based master's program with a cooperative approach that looks to the future.

The program focuses on training professionals who can solve various technology-related challenges at the crossroads of information technology and medicine and apply their knowledge in clinical practice in the interdisciplinary field of medical engineering. They will learn how to develop innovative technological devices, introduce new software into clinical practice, establish forward-thinking methods for patient care, and improve overall quality of life.

Prospective students will have access to cutting-edge technologies in a variety of areas, such as neurorehabilitation, human-machine connectivity, medical imaging technology and biomimetic 3D tissue printing, and they will learn how to utilize their professional skills and abilities in these revolutionary fields. Students will assist in developing simulators used in medical health education or designing special devices used in surgical procedures for implants.

You can apply for this unique program with a bachelor's degree in medical and health sciences or engineering. As the programme of study builds on prospective students’ prior experiences in science, we also welcome applicants with undergraduate degrees in the fields of information technology, natural sciences, dentistry and pharmacy.

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