The Medical School Grand #staircaserace - POWERED by YourLife@AOK - Results

25 February 2020

For the first time at our School, there was a staircase run in the framework of the YourLife@AOK health program where more than 100 contestants competed. We hope you all had a great time! We would like to congratulate all participants for completing this distance. We hope that in the future you will choose the stairs more often instead of the lift because according to experts, taking the stairs is very good for the heart and we can burn more calories by doing it than by jogging for example. According to a survey, using the stairs for seven minutes a day can already measurably reduce the risk of a heart attack.

Our winners, by category (Although everyone is a winner who has reached the fourth floor):

Fastest individual (Men-Women):


I. Gál Szonja 22.78 mp
II. Horváth Dorka 24.86 mp
III. Nagy Dóri - Balassa Sára 25.56 mp (holtversenyben)


I. Piroska Tamás 18.29 mp
II. Dencs Domonkos 18.30 mp
III. Halász Bálint 18.50 mp

1st prize: FITNEXX monthly pass, UP MS hoodie and a pen drive

2nd prize: FITNEXX monthly pass and a UP MS hoodie

3rd prize: FITNEXX monthly pass


As for the departments, we have announced winners in 2 categories:

Most creative department: Department of Medical Biology

Fastest department with the most participants: Department of Biophysics

Congratulations! And thanks to all the teachers and staff members for their participation!

Prizes: optional workshop (meal preparation, painting). More details:

The winners of the draw based on the race numbers:

116 - Grama László
127 - Jankovics Ádám
141 - Lukács Máté
146 - Molnár Valentin
148 - Nagy Dóri
158 - Poór Viktor Soma
162 - Szabó Petra
190 - Takler Kristóf

199 - Dani Csaba
209 - Farshad Smd

Congratulations! The prizes are: a YourLife hoodie for each winner, which the winners can receive in the Student Housing Office on the 2nd floor of the UP MS.

On the YourLife Facebook page, you can vote for the contestants who participated in the costume competition until 28 February 2020, 12 a.m.

We would like to thank the colleagues of the UP MS Sports Facilities, the colleagues of the Admission and Student Service Center, and the participating students for their contribution to the successful implementation of the event!

Let’s take the stairs!

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