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Run-up to Graduation 2020

28 May 2020

Run-up to Graduation 2020

- or rather: run up to 2020 kilometres with us till the date of graduation

In the times of pandemic this years’ POTE graduates are facing quite a challenge in completing practices, finishing exams, awaiting (delayed) state exam dates, not to mention the uncertain dates of their graduation. Even if mass ceremony restrictions are lifted by the time graduation day is set, will their parents, friends, and relatives be allowed to join the ceremony? What the future holds for us is mostly uncertainty, however, unlike many universities across Europe POTE insists to avoid an impersonal, online ceremony. Therefore, we’d like to invite you for an outstanding challenge to run, jog, walk or hike 2020 kilometres.

Why should you join?

  • to show support and the power of POTE Alumni to those joining the POTE Alumni Circle this year
  • to raise Alumni Awareness
  • to show that no POTE graduate-to-be is alone in this process, there is someone running behind them 😊
  • to send positive vibes and encourage graduates in the final countdown
  • while promoting physical and mental well-being

How to do that?

  • Register at and then log in
  • Select language
  • On the top menu go to ‘Add new runner’, fill it in
  • ‘Apply for run’ (Choose: Covid-19 #alwaysremember, choose runner, set distance, select run/hike, confirm run)
  • The first 25 applicant receives a medal for free
  • Under ‘Runners’ you may modify/cancel/complete your run and download your BIB

Since proving the completed kilometres is not obligatory on this site, but may be motivating for others, we would be rather grateful if you upload a screenshot of your phone/tracker to our Facebook page: Medical School of Pécs Alumni @POTEAlumni. Also feel free to upload a photo, or a short motivating video. Each time you upload a photo in a POTE/PTE T-shirt or garment, a bonus will be added.

Who can donate kilometres?

Anyone who graduated from the English/German/Hungarian programs, attended these programs, current student at POTE, works or worked at POTE or is a friend of POTE.

Join POTE Alumni’s outstanding ‘Run-up to Graduation 2020’ challenge to run, jog, walk or hike 2020 kilometres together to show support to the class of 2020.

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