"You have chosen one of the most beautiful professions" - the graduating medical students of the Hungarian and English-German programmes have been inaugurated

5 July 2021

On 3 July, the graduation ceremonies of doctors graduated in the 2020/2021 academic year from the Hungarian, English and German programmes were held in the György Romhányi Aula of the University of Pécs Medical School. The ceremonial inauguration of the 157 students graduated from the Hungarian programme took place in the morning, while the inauguration of the 125 graduates of the English and German programmes took place in the afternoon. Guests could watch the ceremony in a tent with a LED video wall set up on the campus of the Medical School as well as online.

Dr. Attila Miseta, Rector of the University of Pécs emphasized in his speech to the graduates of the Hungarian programme that their training ended in a period that was full of special challenges. According to him, the last one year and a half has increasingly drawn our attention to take care of our bodily integrity. He explained that the period behind us was also about adapting to new situations, it is enough to think about the transformed channels of education.

"You will now be doctors, you have chosen one of the most beautiful professions. Moreover, it is not just a profession, it is a way of life that will shape your whole future," the rector said, stressing that they have to set an example with their behaviour in their work and outside of the hospital as well. He added that in the medical field everyone can find an area where they can unfold.

“You can deal with molecules, cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, the whole body, and also with — perhaps one of the most difficult tasks — the human soul,” the rector continued. He emphasized that in this fast-moving world, unfortunately, we often neglect this task, although it is very important to pay attention to this as well.

After the speech of Dr. Attila Miseta, Dr. Miklós Nyitrai, the dean of the UP Medical School read the oath, and the graduates, repeating the words of the dean, took it. Subsequently, Dr. Miklós Nyitrai accepted them as fellow doctors with a handshake too, they received their diploma, as well as the gift of the School, the yearbook of 2021. Those who graduated summa cum laude received a 14-carat gold Elizabeth ring decorated with the crest of the Medical School in recognition of their outstanding academic achievement.

"You have chosen a profession, which includes human and professional preparedness and paying attention. Be faithful to it. Be brave, follow your dreams, you have the knowledge and talent for it, without these you would not be sitting here now," said dr. Miklós Nyitrai in his ceremonial speech. As he put it, we were able to get through the difficult time behind us because we are a community. He emphasized that the UP Medical School as an alma mater will always be open to the graduates.

At the morning ceremony, the Gyula Mestyán Prize was handed over as well, for which, in memory of Dr. Gyula Mestyán paediatrics professor, graduate students presenting outstanding Undergraduate Research work were eligible to apply. Based on the decision of the Undergraduate Research Society, Dr. Orsolya Homoki won the award this year. Dr. Kristóf Filipánits received a certificate for his several years of outstanding clinical demonstrator activity. Dr. Eszter Trencséni received the Dean's Certificate of Recognition for her conscientious work as the Secretary of the Undergraduate Research Society.

The graduation ceremony of the students graduating from the English and German programmes took place along a scenario like the Hungarian one, starting at 2 p.m. They were greeted, in addition to Dean Miklós Nyitrai, by Professor Ferenc Gallyas, Chair of the English Programme Committee, and by Professor György Sétáló, Vice-Chair of the German Programme Committee.


Graduation of Medical Doctors, Hungarian program

Graduation of Medical Doctors, English-German programs

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