Mandatory third COVID vaccine for UP students

17 December 2021

The modification of the 2/2021. Rector’s, Chancellor’s and Clinical Centre Director’s Joint Order, published on December 15, states that all students at the University of Pécs are required to take the third dose (in case of a single-dose first vaccine, a second dose) of the COVID-v

Based on the relevant passage:

If, upon this date 180 days have passed since the reception of the first dose in the case of a one-dose of vaccine or the second dose in the case of a two-dose vaccine, the student under the scope of this instruction shall take the vaccination in accordance with article 2 (2) (c) by 28 February 2022 and certify it in accordance with article 5 or provide the medical opinion in accordance with article 3 on which the exemption is based.

The full Joint Order can be found on the website of the Medical School, on the Coronavirus information page, in the Documents section.


MTI/Tibor Rosta

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