Covid vaccination still mandatory for Medical School students

7 June 2022

Dear Students,

we hereby notify you, that based on the 1/2022. resolution of the UP Operative Board (published on June 3, 2022), students of medical and health science programs have to comply with the 2/2021. Joint Order of the Rector, Chancellor and Clinical Centre when it comes to the compulsory coronavirus vaccination.

Kind Regards:

Student Service Department of the Medical School of UP


  • 2/2021 Rektori kancellári Klinikai Központ elnöki együttes utasítás


  • 2/2021 Instruction of the Rector and the President of the Clinical Centre


  • 2/2021 Gemeinsame Anordnung des Rektors, des Kanzlers und des Vorsitzenden des Klinischen Zentrums


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