Remarkable results at the 2022 Medigames

14 July 2022

The 41st World Medicine and Health Games were held in Algarve, Portugal, between 3 and 10 July 2022.

Since its launch in 1978, the World Medical and Health Games has become the most famous event in the world for the health and medical sector. It is visited by crowds of participants every year, and the competitors come from nearly 40 countries. Over the past decades, more than 30 cities and regions in 15 countries have hosted the event.

The Hungarian medical team won in football. The team won five matches on the way to the final in a way that the opponents did not score any goals in four matches: Hungary-Brazil 3-0, Hungary-Colombia 5-0, Hungary-Colombia 4-2, Hungary-Secumed (South American team) 2-0, Hungary-Mexico 1-0, and in the final Hungary-Norway 2-2 (with penalties: 7-6). In the final, the Norwegians took the lead twice, but first Márk Lukács and then Gergő Gelencsér equalized, and the Hungarian doctors won with penalties. This was the first time in a long time that the Hungarian national team of doctors became world champions in football.

"This is a huge success for us because we really had to wait a long time for the Hungarian medical team to win the world championship title", said the team captain, Dr. Gábor Fazekas, senior lecturer at the UP Clinical Centre Department of Vascular Surgery. He said that the team is undergoing a generational change due to the support of the UP Medical School and the fact that several young UP medical and pharmacy students have joined the team. Four of them are members of the PTE-PEAC team, which was promoted to NB III this year. He added that without them, they would have been less energetic and steadfast.

The best player of the tournament was also a UP student, Gergő Gelencsér, who was chosen as the best goal scorer.

The UP-affiliated members of the team: Mátyás Belák (UP CC Urology Clinic), Gábor Fazekas (UP CC Department of Vascular Surgery), Bálint Gelencsér (UP Faculty of Pharmacy), Gergő Gelencsér (UPMS), Tamás Gyimesi (UP CC 2nd Department of Internal Medicine and Nephrological Center), Szabolcs Miltner (UP Faculty of Pharmacy), Levente Rácz (UP Faculty of Pharmacy), UPMS alumni: Dániel Berta, Márk Lukács, Domonkos Radics, Balázs Szijjártó.

Not only the football players but also our swimmer, Dr. Zsófia Kovács, assistant professor at the UPMS Sports and Physical Education Center, also excelled in the competition, so much so that she won 8 gold medals.

Congratulations on the results!




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