Application for TDK Saloon

18 October 2022

Dear TDK Students!


We will organise the 25th and 26th TDK Saloon (3rd and 10th of November, 5 pm, Hungarian) and the 27th TDK Saloon (17th of November, 5 pm, English and German Program) in the upcoming weeks.


Official language of the 27th Saloon will be English


Venue: 3rd seminary room


To present at the event, please send an application email ( ) containing the following information:


  • Name, year
  • Place of research (Institute / Hospital)
  • Name and title of mentor
  • abstract of the presentation (max. 250 words)


Application deadline: 30th of October, 4pm


The presentation should be 10 minute long, and will be followed by a 5 minute long discussion/debate.


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