Another 50 dishes from around the world – the UP awaits recipes until December 20

14 November 2022

The University of Pécs Invites students to participate in creating another unique cookbook, for which they are accepting recipes until December 20. The participants with the 50 best recipes will prepare their dish with the help of a chef to showcase them to the world with a professional photoshoot.

The University of Pécs published a unique cookbook in Spring 2019 with the title “50 delicacies on Earth”, containing 50 recipes sent in by students both in English and Hungarian, with many illustrations.

The University of Pécs has now decided to create a second volume of the highly successful and countrywide publicized cookbook, again with 50 recipes taking us on a trip around the world. The second volume will have an emphasis on soups, salads and desserts.

Every student of the UP can send in a recipe in English. What’s needed is:

  • an introduction of maximum 800 characters in English, and describing cuisine at home,
  • the recipe of the soup, salad or dessert itself,
  • the list of ingredients,
  • the description of the cooking process, and an idea for plating.

The editors would like to request that students do not send in recipes taken from websites without changes, the descriptions should be in their own words.

Recipes can be submitted until December 20 to the email address. The best 50 recipes will be selected by the board of editors, and these will be in the book.

Students whose recipes are selected will be able to cook their dishes with the help of a chef between January 20-30, 2023, and the cooking session will also include a photoshoot.


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