Dr. András Büki, former head of Neurosurgery in Pécs, has received the highest award given to practicing neurosurgeons

25 November 2022

“It doesn’t matter what complex tasks we find our joy and healing call, neurotraumatology must remain our most important task” – thinks dr. András Büki, former director of the UP CC Department of Neurosurgery, professor of the University of Örebro, head physician at the Örebro University Hospital, who has received the highest award given to practicing neurosurgeons at this year’s European Association of Neurosurgical Societies (EANS) conference.

The yearly congress of the European Association of Neurosurgical Societies (EANS) was organized in Belgrade between October 16-20, 2022. After three years, the event happened with almost one thousand participants, in person. The association has given the European Lecturer of the Year award to dr. András Büki, former director of the University of Pécs Clinical Centre, Department for Neurosurgery, who has continued his work at the Swedish University of Örebro, and the Örebro University Hospital.

The award honouring the outstanding work of neurosurgeons, was given to András Büki by the leadership of the association based on the suggestion of the small directorate of EANS. The professor, who has worked at the UP Department of Neurosurgery for three decades, has held his presentation in the celebratory section of the congress. In his presentation, the professor discussed translational research, or his personal experience with using the results of basic research in clinical practice, pointing out what challenges had to be overcome to get to results truly helping patient care, and publications at the level of Lancet Neurology or Nature Communication.

“I was overjoyed that in the introduction given by the director of the association, Andreas Demetriades, professor of the Neurosurgery Clinic in Edinburgh, has not only mentioned by affiliation with the University of Örebro, but also my work in Pécs, and that my Pécs connection was highlighted in the congress newsletter as well” – said András Büki about the award.

“Treating brain damage is the first neurosurgery act of medical history, but it will be probably the last type of surgery to be done by a neurosurgeon. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what complex tasks we find our joy and healing call, neurotraumatology must remain our most important task” – added the professor, who believe that neurosurgery in Pécs has to remain the highest quality institution in the region. As he said, it is important to keep in mind that quality, competitive research and development activities are what differentiate the clinic from the city hospital, a scientific workshop from a specialist care community.

“I dearly hope that I can help the work of UPMS and my former clinic not only through the personal experience gained here, but also with my future research-clinical cooperation” – finished dr. András Büki.

Dr. András Büki was born in 1966 in Kaposvár and got his high school degree in the Perczel Mór Secondary Grammar School in Siófok. He graduated from the University of Pécs Medical School in 1990 and has passed the neurosurgery bar exam in 1996, and the clinical oncology bar exam in 2011. He started working at the UP Department for Neurosurgery in 1992, became vice-director of clinic and then director of the clinic, filling the latter position until the end of 2021. He was elected to be the president of the International Neurotrauma Society in 2014 with a two-year mandate. He started working at the University of Örebro on January 10, 2022 and was made professor in May 2022. After getting the mastery language exam in Swedish, he has started a part-time position as head physician at the end of May 2022 at the neurosurgery department of the Örebro University Hospital. He also teaches and does research part-time at the University of Örebro. His tasks at the clinic include establishing the independent neurosurgery department, supporting the introduction of high case mix index surgeries, and participating in routine care.



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