The seventh DDK Workshop for Internal Medicine

29 November 2022

The DDK Workshop for Internal Medicine took place for the seventh time on November 19, 2022. The event provided an opportunity for third- and fourth-year students to practise physical examination. Physical examination is not only vital for the students' upcoming exams, but also an essential part of hospital practices.

The workshop was open to the students of all the three language programs. Eventually, 109 third- and fourth-year students participated: 35 Hungarian, 43 German and 31 English program students.

The event took place on Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., in 2.5-hour shifts, in three rooms, in three languages, and in small groups. Each shift began with a short theoretical summary, followed by a presentation of the entire physical examination for the entire group. Afterwards, the students practised in small groups of a maximum of 3.

The feedback was extremely positive, according to the participants, it is necessary to continue to organize the Internal Medicine workshop in the future. For many, practising a complete physical examination was a great help before the upcoming exam period. It was suggested that in the future the workshop could cover a longer period of time.

In addition to the demonstrator students, some former demonstrators, who are practising doctors now also took part in the event.

Participating lecturers:

dr. Ágnes Buda, dr. Kristóf Filipánits, dr. Jasper Nörenberg, dr. Fanni Molnár

Participating demonstrators:

Louia Larson, Matthis Becker, Miklós Koppán, Olivér Péter Tóth, Beck Brandon, Mira Zsófia Peresztegi, Nóra Németh, Alíz Kovács, Zsolt Ablonczy, Eszter Édes, Tanusha Bajinath, Isamu Higuchi, Akika Ogasawara, Dawoo Kate Han, Omid Afkhami Ardakani, Phan Hoang Minh Nhat, Kwak Eun Seo, Anusheh Kamran, Amalie Skjerven


I would like to thank all the demonstrator students and the participating instructors for their work, since without them this workshop would not have been possible. I also thank dr. Ágnes Koppán, for her help in the organization, and dr. Andrea Tamás, president of the Circle of Demonstrators, and dr. László Czopf  vice-dean for education for their continuous support regarding the organization of the workshop.


Aida Kerbeche

Main organiser of the workshop

Demonstrator student


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