The first otorhinolaryngology operation in the country in Pécs

13 January 2023

The robotic surgery program of Hungary and Pécs have reached another milestone. The University of Pécs Clinical Centre was the first place to conduct robotic otorhinolaryngology operations in the country, which completed the nation’s most complex robotic surgery program.

In their Friday brief, the University of Pécs has emphasized that with the DaVinci Xi robot, treating tumours of the mouth and throat has been made possible, avoiding the high amount of damage done by traditional surgeries. Following robotic surgery, patients can count with higher quality of life, less pain and quicker recovery.

The operation was done for the first time in Hungary by dr. Krisztina Somogyvári otorhinolaryngologist, clinical oncology expert, which is also incomparable. The UP Clinical Centre Robotic Surgery Workgroup has completed multiple surgical, urological, gynaecological and thoracic surgeries since last autumn.

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