Enter Hungary – Manage Your residence permit extension with a QR-code from 1 May

26 April 2023

A new service will be avaliable for the foreign students of the University of Pécs Medical School and the Faculty of Pharmacy from 1 May: the colleagues of the Administration will help them to extend their residence permits via the Enter Hungary online platform.

The University of Pécs Medical School and the Faculty of Pharmacy provide administrative support to students participating in the faculties foreign language programs through Enter Hungary’s online interface of the National Directorate General of Immigration in submitting their requests for the extension of their residence permit for study purpose.

According to the Registrar's Office the assistance is available only in submitting the application from 1 May 2023. The service can only be requested by completing and submitting the form on this link or by using this QR code:

The fee for the extension of the residence permit is 23 000 HUF, which will be paid by the applicant directly to the Immigration Service through the online interface with a bank card accepted by the Authority.

As the Registrar's Office points out, the application can be submitted up to 40 days before the expiry of the validity of the residence permit. If the validity period of the residence permit is shorter than 40 days, it is necessary to contact the colleguae of the Administration (enterhungary1@aok.pte.hu), before submitting the application. It is important that the Administration cannot provide the service to applicants with an expired residence permit.

These documents must be attached to the application:

ID photo (passport photo);

full copy of the student's valid passport (all pages of the document, only the first page is not


a bank account statement not older than 30 days, at least 3 months covered by it,

ensuring the customer's identification, which proves the coverage of subsistence, travel

and health care during the stay in Hungary;

certificate of student status certified by the Registrar’s Office, which contains the following information:

  • given the higher education training - based on the legislation and training and exit requirements - how many semesters,
  • how many active semesters the student has in the given course, and which semesters are these,
  • the student has paid the fees charged by the higher education institution,
  • proof of housing (signed dormitory or lease agreement) and address card;
  • the currently valid residence permit.


After all documents have been received, the Administration will fill the necessary data and prepare the student's request to submission on the Enter Hungary interface within 4 working days. After that, the applicant must appear in person at the Registrar’s Office for the purpose of data reconciliation and signature. The request for the extension of the student's residence permit can only be submitted with the personal appearance of the student.

It is emphasized that in the absence of a personal appearance, the application cannot be sent to the Authority. The applicants have to wait until an administrative officer contacts them for the appointment.

After submission, the applicant must appear in person at the Immigration Service's customer service within 15 days. The card will only be received by post, to the student's postal address.

Further details of the service can be found here: aok.pte.hu/en/egyseg/570/szolgaltatasok/142


Dávid Verébi/UP MS

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