Call for application

26 January 2024

We would like to hereby invite our international students to an outstanding opportunity offered by:

EXEGYPT Intercontinental Summer School

(24th Edition)


You can find all the necessary information below:

EXEGYPT in collaboration with EMSA (European Medical Students’ Association) offers its participants a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience Egypt. EXEGYPT Summer Schools offers meticulously designed scientific programs for Medical, Pharmaceutical, Dental, Nursing, Physiotherapy, and Architectural students.

-Accredited Emergency Medicine Program (Medical - Nursing)
-Accredited Tropical Medicine & Infectious Diseases Program (Medical)
-Accredited Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Program (Medical)
-Accredited Diagnostic Radiology Program (Medical)
-Accredited Cranio Maxillo Facial Program (Medical - Dental)
-Accredited Clinical Pharmacy Program (Pharmaceutical)
-Accredited Operative Nursing Program (Nursing)
-Accredited Physiotherapy Program (Physiotherapy)
-Accredited Architectural Program (Architect)

Each scientific program includes Lectures, group discussions, and hands-on practical experience. 

Moreover to an extraordinary daily Social Program, where our participants travel and discover Nine different Egyptian cities from East to West including Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Port Said, Ismailia, Ain Sokhna, Fayoum, Dahab, and Sharm El Sheikh. 

The diversity of both the Scientific and Social Programs make EXEGYPT Summer Schools by far the World’s Number One Summer School. 

When is the Program? 

Applicants now can choose between three dates:

Group 1:  15/7/2024 - 26/7/2024

Group 2:  31/7/2024 - 11/8/2024

Group 3:  12/8/2024 - 23/8/2024

Who Can Apply?

Medical Students / Fresh Graduates

Dental Students  / Fresh Graduates

Pharmacy Students  / Fresh Graduates

Nursing Students / Fresh Graduates

Physiotherapy Students / Fresh Graduates

Architectural Students / Fresh Graduates

Where will the program take place?

Main Host city: Ismailia, Egypt

Other cities which will be visited: Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Ain Sokhna, Port Said, Fayoum, Dahab, and Sharm El Sheikh

What is it all about? 

40 accredited hours scientific program where participants can choose to attend one of our accredited programs:

Each scientific program includes Lectures, group discussions, and hands-on clinical experience.

1- Emergency Program

You will have lectures on the latest and most relevant topics in Emergency medicine, as well as doing hands-on clinical rounds. You will also have the chance to join surgeries and attend emergency-related workshops.

2- Tropical Medicine and Infectious Diseases program

You will have lectures on the most common tropical and infectious diseases in Egypt. You will also attend hands-on clinical rounds and attend the endoscopy unit as well as the surgery room.

3- Dental/Maxillofacial Program

You will have lectures, attend surgeries for maxillofacial fractures, and visit dentistry clinics to learn about endodontics, dental extractions, and other common topics. 

4- Pharmaceutical Program

You will have lectures on the most common clinical pharmacy topics, attend laboratory sessions, and pay visits to local pharmacies to learn about the system in Egypt.

5- Diagnostic Radiology Program

You will have the chance to learn about radiography, Ultrasonography, CT, and MRI scans at our Radiology department. 

6- Physiotherapy Program

You will attend lectures on applied anatomy biomechanics and physiology and learn about physiotherapy clinical skills in clinical rotations.

7- Perioperative Nursing Program

You will learn about the different roles of a perioperative nurse including holding bay, circulating, anaesthetic, instrument or scrub nurse, and recovery room. As well as having real clinical practice.

8) Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Program: 

You will get exposed to severe trauma patients and the latest protocols of the reconstruction ladder. You’ll attend lectures, clinical rotations, operations, as well as introduction to microsurgery. You’ll also get introduced to most of the aesthetic surgeries. 

9) Architectural Engineering Program: 

You will have the chance to get introduced to ancient Egyptian architecture, Islamic, and Coptic architecture. You will attend lectures in basics of Arabic architecture as well as do hands-on projects together with your colleagues from all around the globe.

*Students will have the privilege to perform a lot of hands-on examinations, and deal with a lot of patients which will enhance their clinical skills*.

Social Program: 

Daily Socio Cultural outings and parties in additions to the extraordinary trips to: 

Cairo & Giza: two days trip

Alexandria: two days optional trip

Portsaid: one day trip

Ain Sokhna: one day optional trip

Fayoum (Sandboarding & 4x4 Safari): one day optional trip

Dahab & Sharm El Sheikh: 5 days optional trip


Registration Options:

 Limited offer   (Deadline: 20th of February, 2024)

 Scientific Package: 560 USD for the hotel accommodation

 Scientific Package: 525 USD for Apartments / hostel accommodation

 Scientific Package includes: 
Accredited Scientific Program
Two meals per day in working days
Daily Social Program
Two days trip to Cairo
One day trip to Port Said
Opening Ceremony ticket
Closing Ceremony ticket
Culture Night Ticket
Welcome Package 

Official Language: English

Summer School Application form:
Summer School Program schedule:
Summer School - Schedule
Summer School Booklet: EXEGYPT Summer School Booklet
Summer School Arrival and General info: Visa & Arrival Details

For more information about EXEGYPT Summer Schools, check out our website:
EXEGYPT Instagram page: EXEGYPT Official Instagram
Facebook event:  EXEGYPT Summer School Facebook Event 



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