The renovation of the Southern Park of the Pécs Medical School starts on May 16

9 May 2024

The renovation of the Southern Park of the Pécs Medical School starts on May 16, during which an almost 11 thousand square metres area will get a new look. During the construction, the area facing Szigeti street will be closed off; work is expected to be finished by January 2025.

“We wanted to design a park that personifies the foreground of the vivid life going on in the aula for faculty life, and is worthy of such a high prestige institution in both material use, infrastructure and natural environment. It must be attractive and accessible, its functions should support all forms of social life, and the microclimate created by the flora should create a liveable and pleasant environment even in summer heat” said Csaba Ders university head architect and city planner about the renovation of the Southern Park.

The project named “UPMS Southern Park Reconstruction Phase I-II.” will be implemented in three stages; the first stage will begin with the handover of the construction area on May 16. The renovation will include the removal of the Medical School’s fence facing Szigeti street.

An elegant walkway will be built in the area; the road leading to the building of the Medical School will lead through a park. The parking area located in the middle of the Southern Park will be relocated to an area on campus that is less frequented and not so important to faculty life.


High emphasis was placed on social functions during the planning stage of the new park: outdoor furniture suitable for personal pr social leisure, study and eating will be added, and green coatings will be installed to make using the area more attractive. The designers are planning to use stone walkways and trimmings that will age well, harmonising with the mentality and patina of the old main building of the Medical School.

The work is expected to take eight months, during which the green areas will also be renewed. They will not only serve an aesthetic purpose: they will be available for study, rest and leisure, allowing students to spend quality time there.


Moreover unique, symbolic artwork and furniture will also be placed in the new park, like the parapet wall with the PTE ÁOK inscription and the unique rain shelter pavilion also serving as a gate motif.


As a result of the work expected to come to a close on 16 January, 2025, the Southern Park of the Pécs Medical School will form a unified spatial structure with the forefront of the new Dental Education Centre.

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