“Dreams can be achieved through hard work and perseverance”

1 July 2024

This year’s graduating general medicine students were inaugurated as doctors in the UP Medical School Dr. Romhányi György Aula. At the ceremony on 29 June, 338 students from the Hungarian, English, and German programs received their diplomas. Many of the graduates spoke about what it feels like to be a young doctor, how they look back on their time at the university, their future goals, and what they gained at the Medical School in Pécs.


Written by Hanga Kovács


“I practically found my second family here”

“It has been an extremely long period of my life; it is almost unbelievable that I can now put all my exams behind me. These last few years have been one of the most defining periods of my life and will always remind me that dreams can be achieved through hard work and perseverance.” - said Csaba Spák, expressing his emotions and thoughts. He also said that his goal is to start his PhD studies, and he chose the pathology specialization in the residency training, which he will begin in Pécs because he loves the university and the city.

“I really loved attending the University of Pécs; I practically found my second family here. This university gave me unforgettable experiences; I met many new people and made lifelong friends. I will miss my university years in Pécs, and I look back on this period of my life happily”, he said, recalling his time at the university.

“I made memories I will never forget”

Márk Szabados, who was a member of the Hungarian Student Council and one of the leaders of the POTE Cheerleaders, also remembers his time here warmly: “I made memories I will never forget and friends that I hope will stay with me for the rest of my life.”

Márk also said that after the oral final exam, a significant weight had been lifted off his chest, but only gradually did he become aware of the fact that he had graduated from medical school and was now officially a doctor. One of his ambitions is to teach, and he has chosen anaesthesiology as his primary specialty, particularly paediatric anesthesia.

“POTE will remain a good memory”

“It is inconceivable now that six years of work has paid off, and it is really hard to believe because I have been in this system for so long, preparing for exam after exam, that suddenly I do not know how to spend my time. Many times, I get the feeling of what I should be studying, and then the realization comes that I do not have to study anymore, or at least not because of the exams and the relief is indescribable,” - said Bulcsú Egyed, who was also a member of the Hungarian Student Council and he also would like to continue to gain practical knowledge in Pécs during his residency training in obstetrics and gynaecology.

He said the Medical School in Pécs created an atmosphere for him that other universities and faculties could envy.

“All in all, I have fond memories of the past few years, although I probably cannot objectively look back on them yet, but I think I will always have good memories of POTE,” he added.

“The medical degree is a milestone for me”

Eszter Édes, who will also pursue her residency in Pécs at the Department of Oncotherapy, says that for her, the university has provided independence and a safety net, a process of self-discovery, and the development of close relationships.

“The medical degree is a milestone for me, giving me feedback along the way that I can take advantage of the opportunities I have been given. The diploma and the knowledge and experience it represents are assets to be built on: they represent responsibility, duty, and a secure vision,” said Eszter, a young doctor.

She added that her goal is to do as many things as possible in the future that go beyond her personal goals and have an impact on her environment.



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