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Department of Anatomy, Commemoration

20 October 2011


            On the 21st of October (Friday), 2011  we will remember those who, after their death, served the education of the medical students. The commemoration will start with a ceremony in the church of the cemetery at 3 p.m. Thereafter, we will walk out to the graveyard of the University together, where a small ecumenical ceremony will be held. We will wreathe the monument erected to those who served the education.
         We would appreciate if the students attended the commemoration. Flower and candles will be provided by the Department.
(You may get to the cemetery by bus in 45-50 minutes: from the University, take a bus to the “Zsolnay szobor” or “Konzum” , then change to No. 6 or 7, both will stop at the main gate of the cemetary. You may walk to the church through the main gate.) 
   Pécs, 19th of October, 2011

                                                                                  Prof. Dr. Valér Csernus
                                                                              chairman, Department of  Anatomy