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European Medical Students' Orchestra and Choir, Szeged 2013

5 November 2012

Students of the University of Szeged, Hungary are organizing a medical cultural project - European Medical Students' Orchestra and Choir (EMSOC).
For around 20 years, this project has been organized by European medical students and this year, students of the University of Szeged will host the next EMSOC in Szeged, Hungary from July 18th till July 29th 2013.
EMSOC is a unique European medical and cultural project which gathers around 100 medical students and young doctors who share the talent and passion towards performing the works of classical-popular music. This project began in 1993 in Wurzburg, Germany as a chamber orchestra and during the years it grew into an annual meeting of students of medicine and similar medical professions who form a symphony orchestra and a choir. Over the years, EMSOC took place in various European cities such as London, Barcelona, Stockholm, Budapest, Basel, Oslo, Rome, Berlin, Warsaw, Heidelberg, Edinburgh and Manchester.
The main goal of this project is integration of European medical students through the art of music. Other than that, EMSOC promotes the cultural heritage of Europe and presents the values of its medical students.

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