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Dean's Greeting

Dr. Nyitrai Miklós

In our School’s name I would like to warmly greet everyone who visits our website, especially the members of our board of professors, colleagues, and at last but not least every current and future student of our School.

Our School operates as part of the University of Pécs but it is one of Hungary’s institutions that has one of the greatest histories as an independent medical university; its modern age history dates back to the Hungarian Medical Faculty of Elizabeth University.

In Pécs the medical training began in 1367, with the foundation of the Pécs university. Although the university level training had temporarily been interrupted by historical events, based on the found data the higher education medical training was continuously present in Pécs even during the years of the interruption. The revival of the university level medical training is closely connected to the Trianon events. As a result of these events, the Elizabeth University founded in 1912 in Pozsony moved to Pécs in 1923 after a short Budapest detour. Soon after our establishment the medical training began, which continued at the independent Pécs Medical University after 1951. Since 2000 we continue our activity as the University of Pécs Medical School.

Pécs is the centre of the South-Transdanubia region. It is one of the country’s most athmospheric and most viable municipalities with its ca. 160.000 residents, its wonderful values, historic monuments, its unique role as a cultural centre, with the residents’ localism that aspires to development, and with its attractiveness that reaches beyond borders. Our School is the only institution in the Transdanubia that has general medicine, dentistry and pharmacy programmes, and it is one of the outstanding Hungarian medical schools where we teach medicine in Hungarian, English and German. Our teachers have always had particular skills and they had a strong connection to our institution as well. Many of them became decisive personalities in the Hungarian medical training and medicine.

In the last decades our School went through enormous changes, its development has remained unbroken in recent times as well. There are things to be proud of in our present too. The number of our students has strongly increased and today students from more than sixty countries come to study at our School. The reconstruction of the Janus Pannonius Clinical Block and the construction of the János Szentágothai Research Centre that is closely connected to our School have started the long overdue renewal of the infrastructure. In many cases we were able to implement leading developments from our own resources as well; the best example for that is the establishment of the MediSkillsLab. The process does not stop here because since the union the university is the biggest expentant of development resources as part of the Modern Cities Program, which mean a unique chance for development for the Medical School as well.

The greatest opportunity is worth as much as we can use it – therefore the hard work is yet to come. We have to make the best of ourselves so that we can exploit these resources more and more successfully and sufficiently in the future. It is not an exaggeration to say that the Medical School’s future depends on the joint work and on successfully overcoming the obstacles. In order to achieve this, we need the effort of every colleague, of everyone who works here. Our goal is to take on this excellence and to develop it in a way that serves as a standard for others.

As a dean I am going to put all my efforts into supporting and strengthening the community spirit, the role of the creative community in the fields of education, research, and daily work as well at the School. Our prominent colleagues mean that huge potential with which the School can be the engine of development not only for the university, but also for the whole region. We have to raise this excellence to a level higher than ever by working together so that everyone can have their share from the development. The School is and is going to be what we make it together.


Since the foundation of our School we place the emphasis first of all on the quality of teaching and research. Our general medicine and dentistry programs are of the highest standard in any comparison, and we cannot be content with any less of this.

Healing is one the most beautiful professions. The degree of our well-prepared students is acknowledged in many countries worldwide, for them there are many wonderful opportunities to choose from. Our task and mission is to create these opportunities.


Yours sincerely,

Dr. Miklós Nyitrai