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Nearly five thousand students have been admitted to UP

24 July 2020

Nearly five thousand students have been admitted to UP

The University of Pécs successfully closed the general admission procedure with 4,850 admitted students in 2020. It is a great honour for the first university in Hungary that the trust of the applicants is unbroken even in the epidemiological situation. UP awaits its students in the new academic year by creating a safe education system.

The first-place campaign, one of the important elements of which was the Rector's Scholarship, was successful this year as well because the number of first-place applicants increased by 115 with the subsequent change of the order of application places. Of the nearly 5,000 admitted students, 58% can start their studies in one of UP's undergraduate programs, 17% in the undivided while 15% in the master's programs and 10% of the admitted will study in higher education vocational trainings. The popularity of state scholarship places remains unbroken, more than 86% of the applicants got admitted to supported programs. Applicants preferred full-time trainings this year as well, 76% of the admitted can begin their full-time studies in the fall semester of the 2020/2021 academic year.

General medicine, psychology, law, and nursing and patient care programs continue to be the most popular among the trainings but many were also interested in business administration and management, trade and marketing, computer science, and dentistry. This year, the four faculties of the University of Pécs - the Faculty of Law, the Medical School, the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Education and Regional Development, and the Faculty of Music and Visual Arts - were also able to increase their enrolment numbers.

In case of the undergraduate trainings, the English program of communication and media studies had the highest points, 432, in the case of psychology, applicants needed 430 points for the correspondent training, 419 points for the state-financed part-time training, and 420 points for the self-financed training. The admission threshold for the English language trainings of the Faculty of Business and Economics was also high, 422 points were required for the business administration and management program and 408 points for the tourism and catering program. In the case of undivided trainings, the highest points, namely 459 points were required for the self-financed dentist training, while for the state-financed lawyer training 414, for dentistry 413, and for general medicine 402 points were needed. In the undivided teacher programs, the maximum threshold was 436 points, namely in the English-Russian teacher program. The results of the University of Pécs in the general admission procedure are expected to be further improved by the students admitted in the supplementary admission procedure.

It is important to emphasize that UP is prepared for the epidemiological situation, awaits its students in a safe framework from September, taking into account the possible need for online education. The integration of new students will be supported in September by community-building programs, such as the “enrolling freshman training”, during which students will receive support for the first steps of university life in a small group session, mainly facilitating cooperation and integration.