More than eighty prospective first-year students participated in the English and German language preparatory courses of the Medical School in Pécs

26 August 2021

The three-week English and German language preparatory courses of the University of Pécs Medical School ended on 19 August, where prospective first-year students could update their knowledge on science subjects.

The courses for international students are for prospective first-year students who, for example, did not freshly finish high school, and it has been a year or two since studying chemistry, biology, and physics.

There are also admitted students required to complete the preparatory course, whose knowledge was enough for the admission only, but who need a more thorough, more profound basic knowledge before starting their studies to pass the exams successfully. In their case, one of the conditions for enrolment is the successful completion of the course.

This year’s preparatory course took place for both programs from 30 July to 19 August in real-time online form, 8 hours a day, five days a week, for a total of 120 hours. The classes were taught by teachers from the Departments of Medical Biology, Biochemistry and Medical Chemistry, and Biophysics.

The German preparatory course was held for the third time this year, with participants ranging from 20 to 25 people each year.

The course has been running for a long time in the English program. This year, 63 people participated in it, 17 of them were prospective freshmen who applied for it optionally, and for the rest, it was a mandatory criterion. Last year, 13 students applied for the preparatory course, they chose the course optionally. In 2019, the knowledge of 50 first-year students (both optionally and compulsorily) deepened in the three-week course held in person at the time.



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