The Medical School was filled with life on the orientation days

3 September 2021

First-year general medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy students arriving for orientation days filled the Medical School on 30 August and 2 September; they were welcomed with lectures, workshops, and information stalls.

On 30 August, students of the English and Hungarian programs of the University of Pécs Faculty of Pharmacy and students of the UPMS German program of general medicine and dentistry and the English program of general medicine, dentistry, and biotechnology were expected in the Aula and lecture halls of the Medical School. On 2 September, general medicine and dentistry students starting their studies in the Hungarian program were welcome to attend.

The freshmen participated in the presentation of the Registrar’s Office on enrolment and the beginning of the semester, the presentations of the Hungarian, English, and German Admissions and Student Service Offices, and the student councils. In addition, several elective programs were organized for them, and various lectures and workshops helped them prepare for university life.

In the Medical School’s Aula, several information stalls welcomed the freshmen to get acquainted with the other organizational units, programs, and services of the School and the university.

Photo galleries of the orientation days are available below:

30 August 2021

2 September 2021

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