The handover process of the new dentistry block begins on September 16

15 September 2021

Dr Ákos Nagy, associate professor and the director of the Clinical Centre Department of Dentistry, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery called the preparation for public procurement and tender announcement of the dental treatment units a huge step forward. There will be 61 units in the new building, half of which will be transferred from the old one. This means an almost 350 million HUF expense, covered by the new funding sources.

He mentioned that the contractor managed to complete construction by the deadline of the early September deadline despite material acquirement anomalies. During the last construction tour, they observed that the construction of the built-in furniture and wall painting was completed, and the rooms are spacious and light. The handover process will start on September 16 and last until October 16, after which the process of putting the building into use can begin.

The next goal date is March 2022 – it is the most optimistic date for full completion, by which time the new equipment can be installed. Since the treatment responsibility of the clinic is constant, the clinic can not move fully into the new building until next March, but certain modules can already be relocated. According to Dr Ákos Nagy, summer will pass with the clinic living in two places, but he is hoping that they will be able to begin the 2022-2023 academic year in the new building.

The construction of the separate lab in the Medical School main building, where simulation practical education will take place next year is happening at the same time, as part of the MediSkillsLab development, covered by EU funding. As Dr Nagy mentioned, the contract has a nine-month-long construction deadline, that means harsh conditions due to the responsibilities of construction conjuncture and public procurement, but he also emphasized that paying attention to acquiring the proper professional content is very important during these architecture constructions.

We have shared news about the new dentistry block on July 28 previously:

The handover of the construction site of the new dental building will take place in September


Szabolcs CSORTOS/UnivPécs