Help the renewed website of the Medical School become the website of the year!

10 November 2021

The Digital Marketing Office of our School has nominated the website of the Medical School to a prestigious competition: the professional jury will examine the renewed website of the School in the frame of the “Website of the Year 2021” marketing and communications competition. Public votes can also be used to help the projects.

The Website of the Year competition is a non-profit professional competition of the Internet Section of the Hungarian Marketing Association. The best Hungarian-language or Hungarian-developed websites and other digital marketing solutions are awarded every year. A professional jury will evaluate the submitted entries, and there will also be a public vote where we can vote for the website we like.

The UPMS Marketing and Communications Department’s Digital Marketing Office nominated the website of the Medical School, which has undergone an enormous renewal, to the prestigious competition in the education category.

More than a year ago, our School decided to visually unify and equip its online portal with a new, more modern web engine that receives nearly one million visitors a year. If we add both admissions and clinical pages, the number of visitors is much more than that. This is very significant traffic for a relatively thematic website, and most of it comes from the international sphere.

Replacing a website of this size during its daily use was a serious challenge because keeping in mind the basic expectation of year-round, uninterrupted operation, all development work had to be done in a way that did not cause any disruption. The first step was to identify the needs of the groups using the website and to find a solution that simultaneously served the often-changing needs of reputation, confidence building, information, guidance, support, and a myriad of services.

The website of the UPMS and the closely related admissions, institutional, administrative, clinical, student, and other project websites form a system consisting of nearly 200 microsites. The renewed website was designed, implemented, and coordinated by a professional crew of marketing professionals, graphic artists, teachers, developer programmers and colleagues responsible for content. They researched, designed, developed, and controlled the operation of the portal system and sought to cover every single element of the diversified needs.

As a result of their work, we became the owners of a visually and technically unified website, which at the same time provides complex services and represents a quality trend of international standards. We nominated the website to this prestigious event out of professional curiosity and promotional purposes. We are proud to present the format that welcomes our visitors today, including future students, researchers, investors, or competitors. This is the online space where our students, teachers, researchers, and other colleagues are informed, working, and following School events daily.

Use the fruit of this grandiose work with confidence, form an opinion about it, and share your constructive criticism with them to make the website even more user-friendly. You can support the website of the Medical School in the public vote section.

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