After three years, the International Evening was held again in great spirits

21 March 2023

On March 18, the English-German Student Council (EGSC) of the Medical School of Pécs organized the International Evening. The event rejoices at a great tradition of many years, which is a celebration of cultural diversity for international students of UP. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the last meeting was in 2019, so they prepared for this reunion with special excitement and enthusiasm.

The program, which had nearly three thousand participants, was at least as popular as the previous ones. Together with the Hungarian, 21 national tables were set by the students, who dressed in the national costumes of their homeland and presented their conventional food and drinks from all over the world. During the evening, the PMS orchestra (Pécs Music Society), consisting of Hungarian and foreign students, also held a performance. The band was created with the aim of uniting people who play and love music. The motto of this year's event was "World Reunited", which not only represented multiculturalism and coexistence, but also acceptance of each other's cultures and community spirit at the University of Pécs.

"We started organizing in mid-January, our goal was to recall the magnificent atmosphere of the previous years, in other words, to restart the old engine,"

said the head of office of the English-German Student Council (EGSC), Nanetta Mehringer, who was pleased of the success. After three years, the idea of "students for students" could become a reality again, it was all about the students, it was for them, and they appreciated that. Since the event, they have received a lot of positive feedback.

The participants were greeted by Attila Miseta dr. (rector of the University of Pécs), Attila Péterffy (mayor of Pécs), Tamás Tényi dr. and László Czopf dr. ( vice-deans of the UPMS), Judit Pongrácz dr. (head of the Department of Biotechnology and representative of the Faculty of Pharmacy), Péter Árvai (deputy director of the UP International Directorate), and EGSC presidents, Rebecca Spartmann and Mahsa Shams.

The EGSC also broadcasted the event live on its Facebook page


Lajos Kalmár

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National food tables and general photos

Official program

Party and group photos

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