Student and staff well-being - Well-Being competition

28 April 2023

The University of Pécs Medical School under the Well-Being pillar of the PotePillars strategy calls for applications for the “Development and implementation of a community-centered idea to support student and staff well-being” in 2023, as well.

Student and employee well-being play an important role in the life of an organization. The need for this is of paramount importance in a dynamically developing faculty. The Well-Being pillar provides opportunities for everyone to maintain physical, mental, and spiritual health and to strengthen the faculty’s immune system. We would like to give the citizens of the faculty more opportunities to shape this community together and thereby create space for community needs and ideas.

The aim of the competition:

The aim of the competition is development of ideas that will improve and enhance the well-being of students and staff of Medical School.

Thematic areas, eligible activities:

  • - Developing programs to support the well-being of faculty citizens and students: e.g., through community programs, sports, recreation.
  • - improving the quality of the faculty environment, creating spaces with an inspiring atmosphere.

Who can apply:

The competition is open to students and staff of the UP MS, individually or in teams. Mixed teams (lecturers and students together, lecturers and non-academics, or students and non-academics) are particularly encouraged (up to 10 persons per team).

How to apply:

The applying person or team must complete an application form and upload the necessary documents no later than 02 June 2023.

Criteria for the submission of applications:

  • format and length: Times New Roman font, font size 12, justified, max. 2000 characters, in word or pdf,
  • the proposal must be technically feasible,
  • no changes to the proposal may be made after submission and no such changes will be considered,
  • in the event of a positive decision, the applicant must declare that she/he will carry out the activities undertaken in the context of the application,
  • the budget of the project must be realistic and adapted to the tasks and market prices.

Previous good practices on Well-Being:

The evaluation process of application:

Submission of applications

  • When submitting your application, you must provide a written presentation of the innovation you have in mind in the form of a summary document and a detailed budget. The application should describe the material, financial and human resources required and describe in detail how it will contribute to the faculty's Well-being concept.

Evaluation of applications

  • The evaluation committee, made up of Well-Being Pillar project leaders, will assess the degree of fit with the faculty's PotePillars strategy and will then recommend five of the five best ideas for implementation.
  • Preference will be given to those proposals that aim to create lasting and sustainable value for students and staff of the faculty, propose sustainable operations and future improvements, and provide a community experience.

Implementation of 5 selected proposals

  • In this phase, the ideas are implemented and the results are presented to the committee in the form of a video.
  • A maximum gross budget of 300 000 HUF per idea is available for the implementation of the application, which must ensure the achievement of a community experience and its long-term sustainability. The budget may be used to cover material, equipment, and staff costs.

Selection of winners from 5 selected applications, based on votes from faculty and students

  • For contribution to the development of the faculty's well-being" award (WITTY 2023 (Well-being initiative of the year") and presentation ceremony

Criteria for the evaluation of applications:

Evaluation criteria


Consistency with the objectives of the Well-Being concept and novelty of the application

0-20 points

Development impact of the proposal (how it contributes to the well-being of the citizens of the faculty)

0-20 points

How developed and how feasible the proposal is (professionalism, timetable, experience)

0-20 points

Soundness of the budget (realistic cost estimate, supporting documents, itemized list)

0-20 points

Sustainability (the proposal meets real needs and can be developed and implemented again in the future)

0-20 points


Timetable for applications:



Receiving applications

Until 02.06.2023

Evaluation of applications: selection of the five feasible applications and contacting the parties concerned

2023.06.02-2023. 06.23.

Implementation of the proposals and submission of video presentation of the idea and implementation using an electronic form

2023.06.26. - 2024. 02.28.

Ranking of the five proposals according to faculty’s public opinion

2024.02.28-2024. 03.15.

Notification of the winning applicants/ teams, public presentation of the application reports, results achieved, and presentations


 Should you have any technical or other inquiries, please feel free to contact Enikő Kővári, a colleague of the Well-Being pillar staff via

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