Spectacular, playful, and interactive: a 3D map of the campus

9 June 2023

The recent dynamic and pulsating developments of the Medical School in Pécs have justified the presentation of the Medical School’s campus in the form of a 3D map, which is a spectacular, playful, and interactive virtual 3D model of the institution. We can see the entire campus from a bird's-eye view, and while exploring the site, you can descend in a wide-shot approach, select buildings from the complex, discover their architectural complexity, and see their educational and service functions.

The educational spaces, buildings and investments serving as milestones of the development of the campus - Endre Grastyán Theoretical Building, Dental Education Centre, Medical Skills Education and Innovation Centre (MediSkillsLab) - can be explored through guided tours, giving an insight into the implementation of each project and the services they consider important. The sites are presented through photographic adaptations.

The development includes strategically important foundations as well, showing the conceptual guidelines of PotePillars and Campus Cooperationis, which form the intellectual backbone of our renewal and will be the defining character of medical education in Pécs in the future.

Our aim is further to develop the 3D model of the entire campus area and to use it for multiple purposes, primarily in the form of a mobile application that uses the 3D map.

The Medical School in Pécs is making history in this decade, and the scale of its renewal is like that of its foundation a century earlier. It is our duty to document this process, especially for visitors from home and abroad interested in our medical education, but also for the thousands of students studying at our School.

We hope that the map will provide a presentation of the spectacular and significant educational developments of the Medical School, the successor of the Royal Hungarian Elisabeth University of Sciences and the former Medical University of Pécs, in a dignified manner.

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