Information about the traffic changes during the graduation period

28 June 2023

Dear Graduate Student!

On behalf of the City of Pécs, allow me to congratulate you on your successful graduation and wish you all the best for your future! I hope that you have also considered settling down in our beautiful city.

Our city is honored that you chose Pécs as the place of your studies. We hope that the past years will live in you as lasting and beautiful memories. The City of Pécs is working to create a city atmosphere for all students to enjoy and feel at home.

In addition to programs and cultural events, this also means significant infrastructure developments, such as the ongoing cycle path construction works in the immediate vicinity of the Faculty of Medicine in Pécs, which will also take place during the graduation period.

To make the access to the Medical School of Pécs smoother during this period, we have collected the following helpful information about traffic changes in the area, marking them on the attached map, and we also try to provide useful advice.

Expect the following on Graduation Day, 1 July, and 8 July 2023:

  • Szigeti Road will be closed between Erkel Ferenc Street and Huszár Street (except for local buses and taxis, which will be allowed to travel in alternating directions, with traffic lights).
  • Arrivals from Hungária Road will have to turn north at Rókus Street, and continue only towards Váci Mihály Street for the destination traffic and those using the gas station.
  • On Szigeti út, only buses and taxis are allowed past the entrance to the gas station.
  • The section of Honvéd Street south of Váci Mihály Street is a dead end.
  • Huszár Street is one-way from address no. 31 northwards.
  • One-way traffic is in force in the northbound direction on Erkel Ferenc Street and in the southbound direction on Lázár Vilmos Street.
  • The bus stops have been temporarily relocated to Tüzér Street for the following bus lines: Egyetemváros 2, 2A, 55 and 102
  • The affected buses (26, 27, 27Y, 28, 28A, 28Y) from the direction of the city centre will continue on main road No. 6 after the temporary stop at Egyetemváros, so the Gyümölcs Street and Szántó Kovács János Street stops will be temporarily out of use.
  • The affected buses (25, 26, 27, 27Y, 28, 28A, 28Y, 29) from the direction of Uránváros will reach Egyetemváros via the temporary stop on the main road No 6, so the stops at Szántó Kovács János Street and Gyümölcs Street have been temporarily taken out of use.
  • At Megyeri Square, a pedestrian crossing is being reconstructed on Szigeti Road, so a half-lane road closure is expected.
  • Several parking spaces are available in the vicinity of the Medical School, but please consider the above restrictions when accessing such areas (suggested routes are marked in green). The campus area is in parking zone II, which is free of charge on weekends.

No matter where life takes you in the world, Pécs, the city of your alma mater, is always waiting for you!

Yours sincerely, wishing you all the best:

Attila Péterffy

Mayor of the City of Pécs

All Traffic changes can be seen on this map below:


Dávid Verébi (UP MS)

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