PotePath – Pécs medical students can orient from the start of their studies

24 January 2024

A new educational development reform has been developed at the University of Pécs Medical School, which effectively supports conscious preparation and later orientation. The system called PotePath, will be launched from the spring semester of the 2023/2024 academic year, and it aims to strengthen the students' orientation by classifying elective subjects into four categories - manual, conservative, research and general medicine - providing them with a guideline from the very beginning of their studies.

Looking at international trends, it is clear that the acquisition of knowledge beyond general professional knowledge is effective in improving students' future labour market position, both nationally and internationally. The new system was developed In the spirit of further strengthening the medical diploma of Pécs, emphasising the targeted inclusion of optional subjects in medical training, thus facilitating the conscious preparation of students for achieving their career goals and acquiring additional knowledge in line with their interests.

A diploma in general medicine requires the completion of 360 credits, of which 288 are mandatory subjects, 20 are for the thesis, 34 are elective and 18 are optional courses. The minimum number of the latter two can be exceeded by the students at will, without consequences.

There is a huge supply of optional subjects for Pécs medical students: based on the latest summary, there are over 1300 subjects to choose from. With PotePath, this vast array of elective and optional subjects is offered in categories supporting manual, conservative, research and general medicine.

The aim of the categorisation is to enable medical students in Pécs to include optional subjects in their timetable, even from the beginning of their training, which they can use during their planned orientation. For example, if someone knows at the beginning of their studies that they are interested in the world of surgery and would like to become a surgeon, they will be able to include electives in their timetable from the very beginning which will be useful tools for this. For those who would prefer a more conservative approach in later life, or who would like to contribute to the development of science as a research doctor, there is a choice of courses to suit the optimal career path.

Thanks to the new typology, there are 269 subjects supporting manual medicine, 335 for conservative medicine, 375 for research and 673 for general medicine.

Those who accumulate sufficient credits from elective and optional courses in the categories defined by PotePath will receive a certificate issued by the University of Pécs Medical School along with their degree, which can be an advantage in the admission process to the UP Clinical Centre, doctoral programs or institutes, as it shows the student's interests and the energy devoted to the acquisition of knowledge at national and international level.



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