Bence Kiss and dr. Amir Reza Ashraf have received the PTE Innovation Award

15 May 2024

The PTE Innovation Days organised on May 14-15 had artificial intelligence and its effects on education, research-development, and our everyday lives. The event was made unique by being co-organised by the University of Pécs and Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Hungary. Bence Kiss, assistant professor at the Medical School and dr. Amir Reza Ashraf, assistant professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy were awarded the PTE Innovation Award at the event – reports

They report that the goal of the event is showcasing the research results from the university innovation ecosystem and finding business and social uses from them, and also creating opportunities for attending companies, researchers and employees to build their networks.

“We could read about artificial intelligence in many scenes of Asimov’s work when we were younger. Who would have thought that we would live this vision? But now we are here, and our task is to use the knowledge available to the University of Pécs and that we can acquire from our partners together in this new field of science” – said dr. Attila Miseta, rector of the University of Pécs in his celebratory welcoming speech.

Örs Cseresnyés, executive director of Telekom IT Hungary has emphasized that AI provides numerous technological challenges for society not only in research but at the labour market and education. He noted that – as a tech company – for them, innovation is the market key for both short- and long-term survival.

The article at also mentions that after the lectures following the opening ceremony, the PTE Innovation Awards announced with a focus on artificial intelligence were given out in three categories.

The PTE Innovation Award was given to Bence Kiss, assistant professor at the Medical School. The topic of his application was: Immunogen epitope selection aided by deep learning 3D-antigen visualisation. He has also received the special award of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pécs-Baranya.

The PTE Researcher Innovation Award was given to dr. Amir Reza Ashraf, assistant professor of the Faculty of Pharmacy. The topic of his application was: Artificial intelligence-based medicine recognition model and mobile application supporting the safe use of medication.

Congratulations to the awardees!



Szabolcs Csortos/UnivPécs


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