UP MS Host Well-being Mentoring Program Development Training for Four Nations' Representatives

6 June 2024

On May 30-31, the University of Pécs Medical School (PTE ÁOK) was honored to host representatives from three Visegrad countries for a comprehensive mentor training session. This event was part of an ongoing initiative titled " "Promoting the Well-being Concept in the Medical and Public Sector of the Visegrad Region”.

The training focused on the joint development of a methodological guideline aimed at teachers and students. The primary objective is to provide continuous training, regular further education, recognition, and motivation for employees within the organization, all within the framework of career opportunities and development. This includes conscious planning and various targeted programs that play a significant role in strengthening long-term employee commitment.

For students, the program addresses the myriad challenges associated with adapting to new situations, integrating into new communities, and handling new tasks. Key challenges identified include academic and routine life challanges. These challenges are further compounded by the insecurity and uncertainty caused by ongoing global issues like the epidemic and war threats.

The guideline aims to provide support for overcoming these problems through organized courses, lectures, and programs, with a significant emphasis on mentoring. The mentoring program is designed not only to assist students but also to develop motivational tools for mentors by integrating the appreciation of the mentoring role into the HR performance management systems of partner universities. Stakeholders will adapt the program's content to meet their specific needs, including considerations of their working environment, client base, and regulatory framework.

The event was a significant step forward in the joint effort to create a supportive and motivational environment for both students and employees. We look forward to the continued collaboration and successful implementation of these mentoring programs.

Additionaly: PTE ÁOK Hosts Online Conference on Promoting Well-being in the Visegrad Region

The "Promoting the Well-being Concept in the Medical and Public Sector of the Visegrad Region" conference will be held on October 10. Organized in collaboration with the Universities of Bratislava, Prague, Gdansk, and Pécs, the event aims to raise awareness, emphasize the role, and present the diverse opportunities for well-being among teachers, administrative staff, and students in everyday life.

The conference will be conducted in English in hybrid form. Faculty, administrative staff, and students are all welcome to attend. Thanks to the Visegrad Grant, participation is free of charge; however, registration is required. To register, please click here and fill out this Google Form.

Registration deadline: 10 September, 2024.

Organizing Institutes:

  • University of Pécs, Medical School
  • Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin
  • Charles University, Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové
  • Medical University of Gdansk

Join us for an insightful and engaging discussion on enhancing well-being in our academic and public sector communities.


Dr. Zsuzsanna Varga

Dávid Verébi

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