General Assembly of the Circle of Demonstrators (DDK)

21 October 2019

On 16 October 2019, the Circle of Demonstrators held its fall semester general assembly, which included short presentations and current issues affecting the organization have also been on the agenda.

Dr. Andrea Tamás, associate professor, president of the Circle of Demonstrators opened the general assembly, announced the agenda and briefly presented the semester’s data on the number of demonstrators. The terms of the scholarship for “Outstanding Demonstrator Work” were also introduced.

Dr. László Czopf, Vice-Dean for Education, responsible for the subjects titled "Demonstrator Work", gave a brief summary of our School’s demonstrator system.

Katalin Orlovácz, President of the Pécs HUMSIRC Office (POE), spoke about the cooperation between DDK and POE and briefly presented the activities of the organization.

Dr. Dominik Hinterreiter, a former student of our School, gave a presentation on demonstrator work in the clinical module.

Mária Felber and Barbara Kerscher, fourth and fifth year medical students, gave a presentation on the semester’s one-day internal medicine workshop, organised several times before, where demonstrators, under medical supervision, trained medical students to prepare them for future exams and clinical work.

In the last presentation dr. Gergely Csaba introduced POTEcho, an online feedback system developed at the Medical School and launched this year, which will provide the opportunity for students to give direct feedback after the classes and practices, thereby improving the quality of classes and education.

At the end of the general assembly, new members of the Circle of Demonstrators’ leadership were elected: Mária Felber fourth year and Kristóf Filipánits fifth year medical students.