Medical School – frequently asked questions, education and schedule of academic year

21 March 2020

FAQ - SPRING semester of the academic year 2019/2020

I. Education

1. Who will we get information regarding the classes and exams from?

Course directors.

2. Will the semester end in line with the original schedule?

We cannot tell that at the present. Our job is to finish the semester, but we can determine its time only later when we see the development of circumstances.

3. Will it be possible to take the final closing examination later than the original exam date?

Yes, in case if it would be reasonable due to the circumstances the deadlines will be changed. We will give information on this in advance. For the time being, we are striving to implement the original curriculum.

4. How will the summer practices be conducted? (e.g.: date of application, consultation with hospitals about admission, date of practice)

It will probably be necessary to use the opportunity of volunteer work to complete the summer professional practices, the number of hours of which we can take into account when completing the professional practices.

5. If summer practices are cancelled, is it possible to postpone them to next year?

In the case of subjects based on summer professional practices, we suspend the prerequisite nature of professional practices, so they can be completed later, however, we also recommend that students make maximum use of this summer if possible.

6. If I applied for the summer surgical practice before the current situation took place, and it was accepted and I received my declaration of acceptance, should I consider this declaration of acceptance void or does it remain valid until further decisions are made?

In the changed situation, the specific question should be re-asked from the responsible manager of the planned practice place and it should be clarified what opportunities are available for practices or voluntary work. But it is also possible to change it if the practice place is unable to accept the student. In this case, the student should try to find another place.

7. If I am already abroad and participate in the epidemiological patient-care, can it be accepted as part of my training?

Yes, based on the course director’s decision, if you can certify your work.

8. Will there be possibility to sit for final exams online?

Yes, according to the course director’s guidance.

9. Will the course directors open new spots for the cancelled final exams?

Yes. In progress.

10. Do we have to make up for our practices during the extraordinary break or is the completion certified?

A practice not completed cannot be certified. You have to make up for it, the possibility for it will be provided by the course director.

11. Is there a way this year for sixth-year students not to have to submit the Booklet for Clinical Skills given the coronavirus situation?

The Booklet for Clinical Skills will need to be submitted electronically, however, due to the current situation, it is not necessary for the Booklet to contain all signatures if the student has not been able to obtain them so far.

12. How will the practical exams be held?

The course directors give instructions on the details.

13. How can we pursue student research work, prepare thesis (or thesis for the Dean’s competiton) without attending the laboratory, checking the medical records, meeting the patients or personally contacting the consultant? How is the defence of the thesis carried out electronically?

Unfortunately not every student research work and thesis topic can be processed through distance education without any personal contact. However, in most cases the student can be guided towards such methods, data-processing task and other works/parts of works that can be done with home office and so the student’s performance can be evaluated as a valuable, autonomous activity. By establishing a sufficient student-consultant interaction the consultant can do a valuable job that will not reduce the quality and independence. As for the defence of the thesis, the Board can carry out the defence in the frame of a video conference, in accordance with the rules. E.g. Skype or Microsoft Teams programs are suitable for this purpose.

14. What are the chances that the exam period will start on the previously announced date? We can hear news that Hungarian universities plan to postpone the exam period to July and August.

According to the current regulations and plans, all exam periods will remain on the original date. For now, everyone should prepare for the exams to begin on the original date.

15. What changes will there be in the practical part of the final exam (state exam)?

Similar changes are expected in the practical part of the oral final exam to the solutions applied in the final exams of the rotational year. The practical exams will probably take place without patient contact, but here too we are looking for the closest possible solution to the usual order.

16. If I am unable to complete an elective subject because it requires attending a Clinical block practice, will the credit taken up in this way lower the scholarship average?

Students who are unable to complete the Clinical professional block practice because of the epidemiological state of emergency will have the opportunity to drop the subject until the 8th May 2020. But for each elective subject, we strive to implement the planned curriculum so that students can earn credits and do not have to think about subject dropping.

II. Volunteering

1. Can the student get exemption from the requirements of distance education in case he/she taken volunteer work?

No. Participating in the education is considered an important task. However, distance education system has flexibility which the students can take advantage of.

2. Will those students who don’t volunteer have the possibility to make up for their practices?

Yes. In these cases it will only be possible after the contact hours-based educational order is recovered. We don’t know its time at the present. To replace certain practical elements, the course director may provide opportunities in the form of online instruction, assignments or accepting other types of completion.

3. Will the rotational year students who take volunteer work complete their remaining practices with the volunteering?

Properly certified volunteer work can be accepted as part of the student’s practical training. Its basis is the transfer of knowledge and the quantity of the work, based on the course director’s decision.

4. If I am a rotational year student can I get my volunteer work accepted as practical education in my training?

Yes. Based on and to the extent of the course director’s decision.

5. If I am not a rotational year student how can I get my volunteer work accepted as part of my training?

If it can be accepted as part of summer practices or optional training on a professional basis, then it is possible based on the decision of the course director. In other cases we cannot accept it.

6. Can my volunteer work accepted as part of my training if I don’t complete at the university clinics?

Yes. If you can certify that you completed it in the frame of Hungarian patient-care, healthcare, social field it can be accepted based on the decision of the course director.

7. Can the volunteer work be accepted as part of practical training in case of non-rotational students?

Only when it comes to patient-care related units of the curriculum. This means that for example Biophysics or Physiology cannot be exempted by volunteer work.

8. Those who may be already abroad and take volunteer work to help easing the epidemiological situation can get exemptions in their training based on their activity?

Yes, but only in case of patient-care related subjects. The activity conducted abroad must be certified for example by the director of the given hospital.

III. Travel

1. I have a permanent address abroad, or I am a foreign national. Can I travel home during the period of distance education? Can I travel home if I am quarantined?

The clear and strong recommendation of the UP MS is to stay in Hungary. We ask those who are self-quarantined or may have come in contact with an infected person in the last 14 days not to leave the country.

Those who are under official quarantine are not permitted to leave the location of the quarantine, so they cannot leave the country without legal consequences.

2. Can I travel back home during the period of distance education?

The clear and strong recommendation of the UPMS is not to travel abroad in the upcoming weeks.

Flights and airports are probably the most dangerous places to go at the moment (confined places, huge number of people). For this and other reasons we highly recommend not to travel back to your home country or any other places! Not even during your free time. If you still decide to travel we cannot guarantee that you can come back to Hungary and progress with your studies appropriately! And even if you will manage to return back to Hungary you will have to follow the regulations valid at the time regarding self-isolation/quarantine. The corresponding regulations are present and will be updated regularly on our website.

We suggest that you use the time during this period for learning, education purposes and further training.

Remember, that those who already went abroad and returning back are obliged to inform the UPMS, stay at home, call the corresponding hotline (+36 30 577 3764) and follow strictly the obtained instructions. They must avoid public places!

IV. Quarantine / medical care

1. What should I do if I experience mild symptoms?

The virus may be contagious even when mild symptoms occur, therefore we ask you to follow the current protocol if you notice such symptoms. You can find information about the protocol and typical symptoms at

V. Finances

1. Can self-financed students expect the possibility of late payment for the next instalment, given the current economic situation?

The deadline for the payment of tuition fees for self-financed students will be extended by the School until 14 August 2020 in the spring semester of the 2019/2020 academic year.