New milestone in student advocacy

21 August 2020

Dear Fellow Students!

We are proud to announce that our Team has reached a new milestone. We caught up to the leaders in terms of communications in yet another section, namely in our segment of the faculty’s website. This achievement was made possible because of your feedback, and we hereby would like to thank you and also we would like to thank the faculty’s management for their positivity towards this goal.

The renewed site of our organization can be found on the following link:

We have added many new functions and descriptions to our home page:

  • We have collected the University’s mentor programs and organizations, to whom you can turn to with your personal issues, may it be related to educational or everyday difficulties.
  • You will be able to encounter the restarted and redressed version of the Chaperone Program, which will run along a new concept while still keeping the old goals and purposes in mind.
  • We would like to furthermore strengthen the fact that your feedback is important to us by introducing the Idea and complaint box, in which you are able to give anonymous feedback about our performance, programs, and anything that comes to your mind.
  • Our Mission Statement concludes the foundation of our ethos.

The menu items found in the header have also been updated to increase transparency:

  • In the constantly renewed library of Documents you can find information and reports arranged by different topics.
  • We've updated our members' descriptions under the Staff menu, so you can see who can help you with a specific problem.
  • As a result of closer co-operation with other organizations of the University, you can now find the contact person of each organization assigned by our partners under the Staff menu, so you can easily get answers to organization-specific questions.
  • The About Us menu contains information about our organization’s election, build-up and supervision.


The development does not stop here though, as we plan to add more functions, descriptions and customize the website for your needs, for which your feedback is highly needed. All you have to do is write down your thoughts in the questionnaire available under the Idea and Complaint Box menu.


We would like to call your attention to the fact that certain elements of the site are under constant editing and updating so check it out regularly.


Feel free to contact us or our partners, if you have any further questions.


We hope you are all safe and sound,
UPMS Hungarian Student Council (HÖK)

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