Online Autumn Assembly of the Circle of Demonstrators

10 November 2020

The regular autumn assembly of the Circle of Demonstrators (DDK) was held on 28th October on “ZOOM” as a video conference. A total of 103 participants, includingmentors, students and teachers, attended the online event.

At the general meeting, following the greetings ofdr. Miklós Nyitrai, Dean, and dr. Andrea Tamás, President of the DDK, the “Awards for the Most Outstanding Graduate Demonstrator Students were presented, which were received this year by Ágnes Buda and Johannes Maria Athanasisus Broll. Since 2015, when the  Circle of Demonstrators was established, 534 students have joined the organization.

In recent years, more than a hundred demonstrators have been teaching in each participating institute and clinic every semester and new institutes are continuously joining the demonstrator program every year. The newest members of the DDK board, Aida Kerbeche and Zsombor Márton, were elected during the general assembly. After the election, dr. László Czopf, Vice-Dean for Education, presented the requirements of the Demonstrator Activity course, and we could hear a summary of the results of the survey conducted by the organization, where the demonstrators commented anonymously on the advantages and disadvantages of the demonstrator activity during the epidemic. Dr. Gergő Molnár, Associate Professor of the II. Department of Medicine and Nephrological Center, gave a presentation on his experience regarding the first course of teaching clinical demonstrators. Both Hungarian and German students, who successfully completed the course, were granted a certification.

The work of the demonstrators has undergone a significant transformation in the previous and the current semesters due to transition to hybrid education. Zsombor Márton, a demonstrator at the Institute of Anatomy, gave a presentation on the experiences and tasks gathered during online education. Marika Felber, a fifth-year German student, gave a presentation on the organization of the German-language internal medicine demonstrator workshop, which was held on the 26th of September. Kristóf Filipánits, the student secretary of the DDK, assisted in organizing the general assembly and managing its technical background.

Further details can be found on the website of the University.