Your opinion matters! – the majority of our students would recommend the Medical School in Pécs

6 August 2021

Medical students in Pécs are most satisfied with the drinking fountains, number of restrooms and bicycle storage and the printing facilities. They deemed the Registrar’s Office and the Student Service Department as the most effective means of communication. These are the results of the online student satisfaction survey the faculty organised in July. The answers also revealed that the majority of students would also recommend the University of Pécs Medical School for studying.

The survey about faculty infrastructure, services, communication and its effectiveness and the management of the COVID-19 pandemic was sent out to all students of general medicine, dentistry and biotechnology. Between July 1 and 17, almost 400 students responded to the survey, the majority from students of general medicine. The survey used a scale of one to five, where five meant complete satisfaction and one meant that the student was absolutely not satisfied with a certain field or service.

Based on the results, students are most satisfied with the presence of drinking fountains (3.8), the number of restrooms (3.7) and the amount of bicycle storage (3.4). The biggest issue they found was the amount of available study areas (2.6), catering possibilities (2.3), the number of available study desks and chairs (2.3) and their comfort level (2.0).

Regarding student services, the highest results were for the printing facility (3.4), the Parcel Point (3.2) and the photocopy option (3.1). The extra photocopy area in the English-German Student Council’s office during the hiatus of the print point might have played a part in this. The service provided by Student Housing and the cafeteria/catering received the lowest scores (2.3 and 2.5 respectively).

As for faculty communication, results show that student satisfaction about communication regarding events, programmes (3.3), the exam period and education (3.1) was higher than the communication about COVID vaccination, even though the faculty sent out information emails and news posts about this topic as well.

The communication channel rated most effective by general medicine, dentistry and biotechnology students were emails coming from the Registrar’s Office and the Student Service Department: the former got a score of 4.4, the latter 4.2. The most effective student communication platform is the Instagram page of the English-German Student council with a score of 3.3, followed by the HÖK Facebook group (3.2). The main UP MS website received the lowest score (2.4) in this category.

The last section of the survey was about satisfaction with the coronavirus services. Based on the replies, students were satisfied with the organisation of vaccination (4.3), the availability of various vaccines (4.2) and the registration opportunities (4.0). The average level of satisfaction (3.3) with faculty COVID communication might be a result of the uncertainty about the situation, which meant that information could only be sent out to students at the very last minute.

The student satisfaction survey also asked students if they would recommend studying at the University of Pécs Medical School to their friends, acquaintances and family members. The majority of students (66.4%) answered positively, saying a definitive “yes” to the Pécs Medical School.


Zoltán Ujfalusi

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