One billion forint development at the Simulation Education Centre

10 November 2021

The UP Medical School Simulation Education Centre (MediSkillsLab) is getting a renovation worth over one billion forints. The developments will increase the area of the lab over six times the current size, and an educational lab with a virtual and augmented reality (AR/VR) technology will also be built.

The Simulation Education Centre has been operating on the fourth floor of the Szigeti street old medical main building over 280 metres squared since 2015. Its main purpose is the development of manual and communication skills of gradual and post-gradual medical students, doctors and participants of health science studies, thereby supporting clinical education programmes.

Demand for the centre’s work has been increasing each year: right now, there are about 1500 contact classes here every semester. This has made the increase in area and modernisation of the equipment necessary. The expansion will increase the number of seminar rooms, and the relevant parts of the building will be fully renovated in the meantime.

The details of the large-scale project were shared in a press conference on November 10 at the Medical School. The construction of an education operating theatre in the MediSkillsLab was mentioned, where real medical instruments will be able to used for surgeries for both educational or demonstrative purposes. The education operating theatre can provide large-scale support to research and development and innovation projects in the medical sciences field as well.

The Simulation Education Centre will also house the 25 dentistry phantom laboratory workstations as well, supporting the dentistry course. The education lab hosting virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) is also a novelty; health science and medical education here will be possible with the highest level of equipment.

Rooms supporting the education of communication skills will be furnished to resemble real doctor’s offices and hospital rooms. Translational Medicine concept rooms will make the high-level education of prehospital care possible. The audio-visual systems supporting education will also be upgraded; not only will it boost the recording and playback of educational content, it will also support the creation of digital study materials.

The UP Medical School’s interdisciplinary Simulation Education Centre will not only be a regionally unique institute after the new development: it will be able to provide the resources for the European- and world-level education of modern medical technologies.

The gross value of the development is 1.128 billion forints; the contractor is VivaPalazzo Zrt. from Siklós. The new Simulation Centre project is realised as part of the EFOP-4.2.1-16-2017-00008, “The infrastructural development of the University of Pécs” tender. More information about the project is available here: The planned completion date of the development is the end of summer in 2022, but tasks with a higher noise level are expected to be completed by the beginning of next year.


PTE; Szabolcs Csortos/UnivPécs

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