Ask for help from your fellow students, ask the Peers! – 6 April

24 March 2022

The Peers invite you to yet another meeting opportunity after the Chill with the Peers program, which was a great success in the frame of the Well-Being program in the fall, and the Ask the Peers program launching the spring semester.

Considering the great interest in the programs, the organizers of the Peer program plan to hold regular Ask the Peers meetings. The first occasion will be on 6 April, and it will be held every two weeks. The venue for the first occasion will be the lobby of the new building.

During the meetings, students will have the opportunity to get to know the Peers and ask questions on learning difficulties, official administration, dormitory information, leisure programs, and mental difficulties. Peers listen honestly to their fellow students and share their personal experiences, and it is their job to direct students to the right organizations and forums. Their goal is to play a community-building role as an integral part of university life.

The Peers welcome everyone at the event!

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