"There is no worthier place for my sculpture than the new park of the Pécs Medical School"

7 June 2022

The Covid-memorial sculpture of Dorka Borbás, Ferenczy Noémi prize holder glass artist can be seen in the park of the new theoretical and educational building of the Pécs Medical School since the start of the year; it can awake many feelings and emotions in passers-by. The futuristic piece of art was achieved with innovative use of materials, combining stainless steel and laminated glass: it is composed of a variety of pentagons and hexagons, with randomly placed cell-like circles on its surfaces that reflect a kaleidoscope of light. The sculpture casts moving, colourful shadows on the surrounding pebbles as the sun moves in the sky – the entire arrangement symbolises the unfathomable and incomprehensible nature of the virus. Dorka Borbás expresses her gratitude – instead of emphasizing grief and drama – to those researchers, doctors and medical students who were at the head of the fight during the pandemic.

“The sculpture was born during the first quarantine. While locked in, I was pondering how I could commemorate the shocking and mystical situation in life caused by the presence of the virus for me and for others. In our self-conceited world, nobody could have thought that we will find ourselves in such a moviesque historical chaos, or that our lives will be turned upside down like this. I knew very well that in a world this absurd I could only use new materials to depict the virus, but this new representation made me anxious at the same time. Glass sculptures in public places are a lot more accepted and welcome in the Western parts of Europe and America than they are here. Hungary is a more conservative country when it comes to sculptures, and the topic is also very dramatic. I wanted to reach remembrance from gratitude and hope instead of grief and mourning” – says the sculptor.

Dr. Attila Sík noticed the sculpture, and suggested that she bring it to the park of the new theoretical and education block of the Pécs Medical School. Finding the final location of the sculpture was very important for Dorka Borbás; she believes that her work (that she thinks about as a mission) is now in a worthy place.


Liza Lukácsi

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