Opening ceremony of the new academic year at the Medical School and Faculty of Pharmacy

5 September 2022

The opening ceremony of the academic year of our School and the Faculty of Pharmacy took place on 4 September, where Dr. Attila Miseta, Rector of UP, delivered the first speech.

"You have come to a place where you will learn everything from the world of molecules to the basics of biophysics, the workings of cells, tissues, and organs, which you will need later in practice. Many times during your career, you will look back with gratitude at the classes where you had to learn things in a seemingly redundant way. At the university, the first thing you have to do is learn how to learn" - these were the words with which the Rector greeted the first-year students.

Welcome speeches were delivered by Professor Ferenc Gallyas, Head of the English Program, and Professor Péter Than, Head of the German Program, followed by a speech by Dr. Lajos Botz, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy. He said that in today's turbulent, epidemic-ridden world, the common goal is to train pharmacists who can overcome difficult situations. He added that they will not have an easy time of it, but their teachers are committed to helping them become well-prepared professionals. Professor Judit Pongrácz, Head of the Biotechnology BSc program, concluded the series of speeches.

After taking the oath, the first-year students were welcomed by Martin Pénzes, President of the Medical School’s Student Council, Paula Kvame-Aarrestad, fourth-year English program student, and Luca Hagel, fifth-year German program student.

Students who have completed all the compulsory subjects of their curriculum during the last two semesters and their corrected credit index was above 4.5 received the “Outstanding Achievement Award”:

2nd year:

  • General Medicine (Hungarian program): Medárd Varga
  • General Medicine: Woojae Jung
  • Allgemeine Humanmedizin: Helen Maier
  • Dentistry Program (Hungarian program): Boglárka Fűrész
  • Dentistry Program: Niusha Iranzad Asl

3rd year:

  • General Medicine (Hungarian program): Gergő Gelencsér, Dominik Imre Szabó
  • General Medicine: Shaya Irandoust
  • Allgemeine Humanmedizin: Antonia Kramer, Martin Maximilian Grünes, Tilman Flechsig
  • Dentistry Program (Hungarian program): Anna Wágner
  • Dentistry Program: Alireza Ashouri

4th year:

  • General Medicine (Hungarian program): Lena Popovic
  • General Medicine: Jaeho Lee
  • Allgemeine Humanmedizin: Jessica Seetge
  • Dentistry Program (Hungarian program): Nikola Mátyási
  • Zahnmedizin: Linda Johanna Hahn

5th year:

  • General Medicine (Hungarian program): Áron Mácsai
  • General Medicine: Dorothea Storesund, Marita Skjåvik
  • Dentistry Program (Hungarian program): Adél Ágnes Németh
  • Dentistry Program: Yasaman Yaghoubi
  • Zahnmedizin: Thomas Fischer, Timo Vince Weber

6th year:

  • General Medicine (Hungarian program): Szonja Valéria Szapáry
  • General Medicine: Koh Ishida
  • Allgemeine Humanmedizin: Patrick Michael Nimmler

A certificate of recognition was handed over to students, PhD students and freshly graduated medical doctors for their excellence in the field of science, arts or sports:

  • Dr. Bence Simon Bánáti
  • Dr. Luca Koltai-Kiss
  • Dr. Balázs Fazekas
  • Dr. Máté Orgoványi
  • Dr. Tolulope Oladele Oyinlade
  • Dr. Abada Ahmed Alan
  • Dr. Ibitamuno Caleb
  • Paula Kvame-Aarrestad
  • Luca Christopher Hagel
  • Mahsa Shams
  • Rebecca Angela Spartmann
  • Timo Vince Weber
  • Dr. Bella Klára Gara
  • Dr. Fanni Mazács

At the end of the ceremony, they also commemorated those employees of the Medical School who cannot be with us anymore:

  • Anita Aubert, infant and paediatric nurse, staff member of the Department of Paediatrics
  • Dr. József Varga, senior lecturer, former staff member of the Department of Behavioural Sciences
  • Rafie Nejad Azin, advisor, Dean's Office Alumni Office
  • Imre Csabáné Krémer, assistant, staff member of the Department of Laboratory Medicine
  • Dr. Zsuzsanna Hegyi, vocational instructor of health care, staff member of the Nursing Directorate
  • Kinga Soóky-Herget, physiotherapist, staff member of the Department of Paediatrics
  • Dr. Sándor Kiss, former head of the Sports and Physical Education Center
  • Ibolya Koloszár, former staff member of the Department of Medical Biology and Central Electron Microscopic Laboratory
  • Antalné Kőszegi, former staff member of the Institute of Physiology
  • József Németh, surgical assistant, staff member of the Department of Hospital Hygiene
  • Terézia Huszár, assistant, former staff member of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology
  • Dr. Károlyné Nesz, former senior assistant of the Department of Laboratory Medicine
  • Zoltán Pucher, porter, staff member of the Department of Emergency Medicine
  • Dr. József Stankovics, associate professor, staff member of the Department of Paediatrics
  • Dr. Zoltán Gregus, professor emeritus, Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy
  • Dr. Gyula Szabó, full professor, former head of the Department of Dentistry, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


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