The haemostasis station was the most popular at the Catastrophe Day

26 September 2022

Medical School students were presented with a very exciting event on September 24 in the aula of the old main building. The organisations of the faculty gathered for the first time to have a Catastrophe Day in English for all medical students to practice on simulated cases.

As Nanetta Mehringer, head of the English-German Student Council (EGSC) said, 90 people registered for the event, fourth and fifth year students in the highest number, but every year was present. Students were highly enthusiastic, and the haemostasis station was the most popular, followed by the topic of evacuation. The EGSC has received much appreciative feedback, and there were many ideas from students that will be added to the event in the future.

Dr. Szilárd Rendeki, university adjunct, director of the Medical Skills Education and Innovation Centre explained, the organisation of the Catastrophe Day was initiated by international students based on international examples. The event happens on many Western universities every year, where medical students can try their knowledge in mass-treatment of patients, and in executing certain life-saving procedures.

The goal of the event was ensuring that students could gain complex knowledge for solving special, operational healthcare situations. The rotation of stations allowed them to see how to stem life-threatening bleeding with pre-hospital methods, and also way of moving patients.

“The professional tendency in Europe now is the education of operational healthcare skills, but this only appears in medical gradual course materials partially. The current training aimed to teach simple and complex manual activities and technical skills aside from forming new views, group work and problem-oriented thinking” – said dr. Szilárd Rendeki, adding that the Medical Skills Education and Innovation Centre will support all rational student propositions in the future as well.



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