Information for students on the commencement of the academic year 2020/2021

1 September 2020

Dear Student,

now, at the beginning of the academic year 2020/2021, please let us inform you about some important pricinciples regarding the organization of the fall semester.

With regard to the mostly practical nature of the education the attendance of classes shall happen decisively with personal presence. Taken into consideration the current and future epidemiological measures and a possible state of emergency the Faculty plans to implement a hybrid educational modell according to the following.

Education in the fall semester

  1. The education shall be conducted primarily with personal presence, but based on the course director’s decision (if the charateristics of the subject and the class allows it) the class can be held in online form as well. The video record made during the class or during its preparations will be available on the PotePedia surface. Regarding the specific conditions of completing the subject, please turn to the course director.
  2. For the sake of keeping the current epidemiological regulations the number of smaller sized group in the education may increase (dividing groups, providing practice opportunities in groups with smaller headcount).
  3. In order to keep the instruction continuous in case of obligatory subjects the classes may be rescheduled: skill-developing, practical contents to be held earlier if neccessary, in the periods that allow intsruction with personal presence and those contents that do not necessarily require personal presence in the periods when instruction with personal presence is not possible. For this purpose the order of the topics describe in the course description may be rescheduled and there is also possibility to agree in further, exceptional class-times (not colliding with the timetable) with the students.
  4. Considering the epidemiological circumstances the course director may decide that the role of midsemester assessments will be increased when calculating the final grade (eg.: offered grade based on the midsemester performance).
  5. If the protective distance (1,5 m) cannot be kept during the lectures, seminars, consultations of obligatory and elective/optional , wearing a mask is obligatory, but the course director may also decide that these classes are held partly of fully online.
  6. In case the instruction of an elective/optional subject becomes impossible due to epidemiological reasons, the students shall have the possibility – in order to avoid losing credits – to join another elective/optional subject within the instruction period. In this case the condition of completing every assessment of the other subject is the condition of gaining the end-of-semester signature and the credit point(s).
  7. For students who can commence the semester only in online form due to the epidemiological measures and can join the personal instruction only later, the course directors shall provide online study material on the PotePedia surface and possibility for making up for the missed classes.
  8. In case of absence(s) the course director shall be notified in every case and the possibilites of making up for the missed classes shall also be negotiated with them. These subject-specific methods of making up regarding the classes and the subject will be determined by the course director. Missing class(es) due to epidemiological reasons will be considered certified absence, however, we call your attention that the extent of this absence(s) cannot exceed the extent determined in the course description (and the maximum 25 %). In case of absence not related to epidemiological circumstances the general provisions of the Faculty shall be applied.
  9. With regard to the practical nature of the trainings students whose absence(s) exceed the maximum extent can request late passivation for the semester.

Examinations in the exam period of the 2020/2021 fall semester:

  1. We plan to arrange the examinations of the fall semester primarily with the regular, personal form of examinations. Varying from this is possible only if the epidemiological measures make it neccessary.
  2. If it becomes to neccessary to carry out the examinations in online form we will primarily use the following systems/surfaces based on previous experiences:
  • Oral exams: Microsoft Teams, Zoom,
  • Written exams: Own developments, Moodle, Unipoll.
    1. Students’ absence from exams due to epidemiological circumstances is considered certified absence if the circumstances are documented. In this case the student does not lose the exam chance and he/she can register for any exam dates with free places following the preventive monitoring period.
    2. In this exam perido the Faculty will offer more exam occasions than usually due to the probable absences related to epidemiological circumstances.

Since the smooth continuance of the personal instruction is significant for the quality of the training – with utmost regard to the epidemiological situation -

students, lectures and education-organizers all have to strictly keep the epidemiological regulations on and outside the spot of personal instruction.


For further information please visit the website of the Registrar’s Office or contact your administrative officer, where you can regularly get information. We suggest to preferably choose the electronic contacts (e-mail, phone).


If your case is urgent or requires personal contact, please first book an appointment here to your administrative officer from the available spots to your officer (Please make sure you choose an administrative officer). Please note that the Registrar’s Office will accept only those students who have a booked appointment in the system in order to avoid crowd on the corridor.


Wishing you the best to your studies!


Best regards,

Bernadett Potos