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Graduate career tracking (DPR statistics)

We find it important to get to know the opinion, experience and motivation of the students and the graduates so that our programmes and services correspond more and more to the expectations of the students and the labour market. Moreover, we would like to provide more precise information for our current and future students (high school students, future graduates), for our instructors and for the public.

The career tracking activity of the higher education institutions strengthens the relationship between the institutions and their graduates, and also between the institutions and the labour market. In Hungary, the compulsory career tracking was included in the 2005 Higher Education Act.

The University of Pécs (UP) joined the national Graduate Career Tracking System (DPR) in 2010 supported by the TÁMOP-4.1.1-08-1/2009-0009 tender (Service development at the University of Pécs).

Our aim is to build the results and experiences of the research into our programmes and services. The results of the career tracking research help the preparation of the School’s and the university’s central action plans, and they contribute to the further development of our programmes and services, and to the more complete adequacy with the student and labour market expectations.


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